Thursday, October 7, 2010

LA Colors Radiation and has anyone heard of Debbilla NP before....

 3 thin coats of La Colors Radiation with a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Here is 3 thin coats of LA Colors Radiation, a prettyteal shimmer. I knew this would need 3 to 4 coats, but it dried super duper fast so I have no complaints. One thing I did notice about these LA Colors Color Craze polish's, was that the Matte shades I purchase; Static Electricity, Atomic and Nuclear Energy dried very slow, while the shimmery polish I have from the LA Colors Color Craze collection dry super, duper fast. Anyone else notice this?

Further along in my post I do a quick comparison with an un-named Color Rama polish, and Wet n' Wild Bijou Blue... All three are dupes of each other with the Color-Rama having more oomph.... which is odd since it is older. But just like I saw about most things = they don't make stuff like they used too (*nudge nudge*  SENSITIVE AND DIFFICULT COFFEE MAKER )


a line up of similar colors.... ( green with envy really doesn't fit in here..... it's too green... with envy )

LA Colors Radiation, Rimmel Green With Envy, Color Rama un-named, Wet n' Wild Bijou Blue. NYC Empire State Blue, China Glaze Sexy in The City

Also, has anyone come across these in the world, I know I have seen GORGEOUS full sized bottles of the brand HERE ( U have to click = gorgeous! ), but I have never been able to find any information on the interwebs about this company..... there is alot of coverage of the M/U but not so much on the polish. Oh and of course Lextard has one too; a gorgeous purple/blue glitter

anyhoo- here are some mini's I found at my favorite bargain store in my town... they look a little dried out but can be revived. There was two different sets, the brushes are surprisingly good as well as the actual bottles. Alot of times mini-polish bottles are not great, at all. And if there is anymore next time I hit up that store I will snag them.... for frankens.

2 different sets of polish

So here is my quickie comparison of some similar teal shimmers. The number on the Color-Rama bottle says 107 I beleive, and there is also no sticker with the name on it. So if any-one knows the name of this polish......

Un-named Color Rama, LA Colors Radiation, Wet n' Wild Bijou Blue

........In the same order

The Color-rama is way more bright and glowey, but these are all extremely similar. Indoor Flo


Leticia said...

That is a gorgeous shade of teal. I love teals.

Anonymous said...

Pretty teal! I have the WnW Bijou Blue but haven't worn it yet.

Lucy said...

I've never heard of that polish. I've been finding lots of LA Colors at my Dollar Store. I haven't tried any of them yet. Odd that the matte would take longer to dry. Gorgeous shade of teal. What I hate is there aren't any names on the LA Colors bottles!!! It's only on the packaging. Crazy and annoying.

Zara said...

Thanks for the comparison! I love teals.

Anonymous said...

such similar colors!