Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silver Fireworks nail art with Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow & an awesome vid

Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow - 3 coats with Claire's Platinum & Art Deco Silver glitter Striper
NO clean up ,,,,,, and no TC - I didn't like this and took it off shortly after I took pic's

First = Here is an awesome video about polish application and removal... I spotted this on MUA and was supposed to add it here to my blog for two weeks already.

= You really do need a thin long brush to do those wispy fine nail art looks.  I snipped a small m/u brush I had laying around and tried to use that with Claire's Platinum Nail Polish but it does not look as good as the actual stripe brush. The silver Art Deco Glitter polish on the other hand, looks great and I kinda wish I just used that alone.

 I picked up this Finger Paint's polish at Sally's this weekend. I went in there for Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches and they were SOLD OUT! I saw it in Grand Forks on August 19th, before I spotted it on Nail Gal and the blogs and I totally regret not buying it as it has been sold out every where I looked...... It is in the core line so I am not worried about acquiring it.

This is a lovely deep green shade that still manages to look green in dark dim lighting. I was a little worried that I brought home one of these pretty-much-black polish's, but this turned out okay♥

3 coats without top coat - and no Clean up.

L -R Tough Art To Follow, Claire's Platinum, Art Deco Silver Glitter stripe polish and a tiny brush I used for the Silver Stripes - Maybe with more practice I'll get it right, but I think I will stick to striping polish for now.

w/ the silver polish

and the silver glitter.....

Also I picked up this glitter at Hobby Lobby in the USA. It is holographic squares and I am looking forward to doing a glitterpocalypse with it That green is awesome!


Leticia said...

Very pretty! I think I have seen similar tubes of glitters at the Dollar Tree.

mihrace said...

oh this design is great! and looks easy to do. i'll try it today:D

thank youu:)

Zara said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see what you do with that glitter!

Cel said...

I really liked the nail art, dark colours with silver, I adore them.

Oooooh and those glitters look fab. Can't wait to see your glitterapocalypse mani :D

Unknown said...

This is very pretty. I am excited to see what you do with the glitter.

Lucy said...

Love that shade of green. This is an easy way to do some nail art. Thanks for the great idea.