Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥ LA Colors Wired, I LOVE YOU WET N" WILD & my USA make-up haul ♥

THAT is the glow I'm talking about

This is 3 thin coats of LA Colors Wired and a coat of Nailene TC. I love blues that have this intense glowey-ness to them that shows in the sun and in brighter lighting.  Although its still too sheer for me at 3 coats, this is a winner. These are easily available in the USA at The Dollar Tree and other discount and bargain-ish shops and are available at many places on the interwebz  ( Cherry Culture I think ).

These are my real nails..... my nubbins for the next few days, my pinky nails are super awkwardly long........ I am doing weird experiments w/ different products.

Also in this post is my USA make-up haul...... I cannot resist dollar tree make-up. If I didn't find all those Color-Rama's I would have bought one of each of everything they had at The Dollar Tree. Even though it'll sit in a drawer for the next year or so..... I have no control over my 12 year old self when it comes to in-expensive make-up goodies.......


I am a delinquent blogger, below is my USA make-up haul from summer and I am just getting around to posting it now..  I am straight up infatuated with the Dollar Tree in the USA, I actually paused and smiled when I wrote that ~ I will fondly remember shopping there this summer.

 I think I could seriously drive 4 hours to the USA and only go to The Dollar Tree, a few thrift stores and hit up Walmart for Pure Ice Polish's and Love my Nails Polish's and be happy.

 Below - these eye shadow's Kick bunz! They are/were $4.00 each at Walmart Canada... They are regularly $5.97 in Canada which is an awesome price for the color payoff. Also did anyone in Canada spot the holiday edition of these Wet n' Wild eye-shadows?

 I picked this stuff up at CVS in the USA, it was BOGO 1/2
There is a trillion tutorial's with these. Here is a Brilliant Brunettes looks with these Wet n' Wild Pallets

This train case was an awesome deal! we rarely get cool sets like this in Canada, and if we do.... it would be $50.00. I thought the eye-shadow would be crap.... but its really good. After I got back tot he hotel with this and tried it out, I ran back to CVS to grab the two pallets above, becuase they were BOGO for 1/2...

... a bunch of photos.... I know Nouveau Cheap posted about this a few months ago.... but there could still be a few of these tucked away at a CVS new you ( USA)

 Wet n' Wild Sugar Coat, Disturbia and Caught Red Handed

Posting these make-up pic's of items I found at the Dollar Tree, makes me regret not buying more..... They always have such cool stuff there. I rarely wear make-up, so its cool to find all these goodies in-expensively.

 some eye-shadow mousse, lite colored lip-liners (  intense, long lasting color pay-off IMO ) and an eye pencil.....

I thought those single use tooth brush things were so neat, its actually a pretty good idea! I have purchased this St Ives lotion in 3 different provinces and in the USA and every time the formula feels different - Whats up with that?Those Revlon eye-shadow's are pretty decent, but as with any eye-product you need a good primer.

The Family Dollar is a kick-ass bargain store......   you can find LA COLORS products and ARISSA nail polish there. All these goodies below were $1.00 USD each.  This Brand 'Body Fantasies' makes the most lovely body sprays. I love that cotton candy one and I bought a big huge bottle at CVS.... 

Also at Kmart, they had a huuuuuge rack of these in scents I had never heard of before.... caramel pear? I regret not buying that one. I think that these are sometimes a better room spray than most of the other products I have purchased for this purpose.

We have LA Colors nail art strippers in Canada, but they are not packaged like these and are usually opened, messy and dried out. I hate that! So I was happy to snag these. And check out that cute single serving Nailene nails nail sticker package, the flowers are very intricate and beautiful!

Finally - I have been looking for BLACK NON-powder coated drop earring things for ever!!!!!!! These types of things including the black wire and jump rings are expensive in Canada, and are not of good quality. I am flabbergasted that all these jewelery making supplies cost only 6 bucks USA

Also, If anyone remembers me complaining about Micheal's Crafts and how they often reduce the prices of items like 3 months after I buy something by 75% and then I freak out and vow never to shop there EVER AGAIN...... well, I guess I was there at the right time becuase I finally cashed in on some serious bargains, so like I always write and say, it pays to visit your favirote stores OFTEN♥

my Joannes Fabric and Craft store Haul 2010!!!!!



Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I'd loooove to live in USA.... !!! polishes for less is an awesome thing!

Unknown said...

Boy did you do some hauling!!! I hope you had a great time here in the US!!! Love those La Colors :)

Jessica D. said...

i agree...the bargains are so much better south of the border! heading over this's always exciting to search out stuff we can't get in canada!

Zara said...

That is a gorgeous blue! I can't wait to see the rest of the polishes you got.

Lucy said...

Those Dollar Stores are amazing. I have Wired. Nice to see it swatched. Great finds you made. I also bought that WetnWild Train Case. The eyeshadow case is crappy but the shadow is nice. Love the Train Case.

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