Wednesday, October 13, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen White Dove layering ♥

 1 coat of White Dove layered over Black with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat

I love opalescent polish's.  In low lighting and dim lighting, they are eye-catching and beautiful. I have seen bottles of beyond perfect at a few discount stores recently, but they were all pure white or other boring beige colors. I happened to get lucky ( sort of ) when I spotted these at my favorite store in town and picked up the three posted below.

 I know that when I was in the USA in summer, I spotted quite a few lovely  and STRONG opalescent polish's at Walmart, Love my nails 'Starling' (?) and one from Perfect 10.... I have put in a few special requests from other bloggers to see what these look like swatched.

One of my all time favorite looks is a sheer opalescent polish like this one, layered over black.

Also; this is the last of my natural, real nail photos..... I neeeed to put some beautiful artificial nails on ASAP! I am happy to report that I only cut myself twice, but today I had a somewhat painful finger injury under my nail. ..... and I don't want to push my luck! Thanks for all the kind words about my real nails♥


I picked up these 3 older Sally Hasen Beyond Perfect polish's at my favirote store in my town....  I was afew days late for these as they had restocked their older polish and I missed out of first pick. But wow- did I ever find some beauties!!!!


 Below - Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Fresh Lavender, Cinnamon Incense and White Dove

 wooooooow - I love the opalescence of White dove in this photo.

Fresh Lavender has a subtle flash, and Cinnamon Incense has a subtle golden micro-shimmer

...... and a few more photos





A PSA from Deez Nailz;

I have seen some hauls recently with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond - You can layer 1 COAT of  this over ANY polish and the base color will show through while creating a brilliant and stunning HOLOGRAPIC polish!

Below; on the very left of my thumb nail is a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prism's in Garnet Lapis, and on the right is 1 coat of White Dove. I always use Garnet Lapis Nail Prism polish to gauge the flash in other polish's. Garnet Lapis has the strongest flash and MULTI-chrome of all the polish I own.

I fell like i use Nail Prisms this polish Garnet Lapis alot, but I only need ONE thin coat layered over any darker polish to create this beautiful multi chrome effect. Thats why if you are in the USA, and you live near a Dollar tree you need to get your bunz there ASAP - becuase I read on MUA they have Older Sally Hansen polish's in stock!!!!!

The flash pink/aqua green flash is not as strong in White Dove as it is in Garnet Lapis. It base color leans way more green/teal. I do plan on frankening with this by adding some of the White Dove to Clear.... just for fun! I think it will be a very pretty sheer polish.


Leticia said...

Very pretty! It reminds me of a Borghese polish I have (something Notte I think).

Lucy said...

I've never seen those old Sally Hansens's. I don't normally wear any white or pearls. The other two are pretty. I'll have to keep a look out for some old polishes.

shortwidenails said...

I think the opalescence White dove would also look really pretty on french nails...which I don't wear often..but if I did I would use white dove.

you are soooo lucky with the colors you find around you dollar stores and in the states when you went visitng

Zara said...

Gorgeous layering! I've never seen those bottles before.

stopdidine said...

Very pretty !!