Sunday, August 22, 2010

♥ Icing Van Gogh w/ NYC Chinatown and MEGA USA HAUL'IN ♥

2 coats of Icing Van Gogh, 2 coats of NYC china town, and a profane amount of rhinestones 

FIRST; here is my USA polish Haul.... 96 POLISH'S!

I was elated to find those older Maybelline Color-Rama's at the dollar Tree..... I LOVE THAT STORE. and as soon as I step foot in any state in the USA I go to the nearest Dollar Tree I can find!!!!!!!

I am a thankful  and lucky girl, I got to spend 5 glorious days with my mom, and a trip to the USA with my aunts. It was very, very nice.

I have alot of photos to take. I very rarely see the actual polish's from older Maybelline Color-Rama's; just the top coats. There are so many fabulous shades from this line = I am very lucky!

So; Back to my mani ~

Here is an experiment I did with the Dollar-Rama rhinestone embellishments and some Nailene rhinestones. I used a clear polish to adhere the rhinestones in place ( using a small piece of UN-COOKED spaghetti to pick them up and place them into the wet clear polish). When I felt that they were set in the clear polish I applied a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat, to seal everything in. The top coat 'fogged' up the dollar store rhinestones, they lost their sparkle and clear-ness while the Nailene ones stayed clear and sparkly. I actually think the contrast between the shiny sparkly Nailene rhinestones and the dollar store rhinestones is really cool.... it looks like bubbles.

This look with the rhinestones was experimental, I literally slapped on some clear polish and just began adhering the rhinestones randomly all over my nail. I knew I would be busy with my hands and shopping, and I wanted to see how well the rhinestones would stay on my nails. They lasted for 5 whole days, with the first rhinestone falling off at 6 and 1/2 days. 
I made sure everything was dry before I started doing stuff, though. Because the last time I tried an experiment like this I had taken out the garbage immediately after applying the stones and I totally ruined my manicure. So if your ready to go crazy with rhinestones or other embellishments, make sure it's totally dry before you start any activities with your hands.♥

My manicure was 2 coats of Icing Van Gogh, a fabulous icy lilac chrome. I applied Nailene French Tip Guide on the diagonal and then applied 2 thin coats of NYC China Town a deep dark purple shimmer. I did not use Top Coat for the rest of my nails.

Mr. Orange approves

♥ after 5 days  ( three of those days were serious shopping) ♥

I started to pick these off, then thought I should take a before and after for the blog.....It actually wasn't that difficult to get these off. The silver backing remained on my nail but came off with ordinary nail polish remover just fine. Also; check out that TIP WEAR. I did not use top coat when I did this mani.

after picking off the rhinestones

The rhinestone backing came off with nail polish remover just fine.


mynailzz said...

WOW that is one heck of a haul! amazing!!!!!! 96 polishes?!
i used to have those colorama polishes i think i gave them away though because i never used them!

that is great that those rhinestones lasted so long!

welcome back!

Unknown said...

What a haul!! Girl I know you had a great time here in the US. Love your mani too! I want to try the multiple rhinestones on one finger :)

cucumpear said...

*whines* So many Coloramas, I'm so envious! Love the random rhinestones, I tend to avoid them, because I always start picking them off way before I actually want to change my polish.

Tara said...

I AM SOOO JEALOUS OF THAT HAUL! I have SO many colors I want to get ahold of and I am SHOCKED at your luck, good for you!!

And, your nails look amazing, as usual....
and the kitty looks like it'd be a cutie... i'll post pics of my kitties soon...

and. don't forget, to any of your readers who are in the US, I'm having a giveaway! so follow and enter!!!

thanks for having me on your blog roll and I look forward to seeing more of your manis soon!

Nicole said...

Wow, Dee! You racked up - I rarely find those Coloramas in my DTs. That's so awesome!
And this mani is SO much fun, so pretty! I love how over the top it is.

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

HOLY ****! That is one serious haul!!!!

and the mani is hot!!

Raeven Marie said...

this is sooo pretty! i wanna try this!

chocaddict said...

OMG now that's what I call hauling!! And what's super cool is that you did it with people of your family you had fun with. Those hauls are the best :)
Now go on, kill me and tell me those coloramas 3 packs were just $1?

amusedPolish said...

wow, awesome haul...

and I love you manicure and the accent nail

Danielle said...

wow! that haul is craziness!

Lois said...

OMG, I really need to go to the USA! Great haul! Because I want a dog so bad, our trip to New York is cancelled this year, hopefully I can go next year :)
And that manicure is just fantastic! <3

Unknown said...

this mani is just amazing !!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thanks for the comments everyone ♥ I was totally shocked about those Colour Ramas I believed I would never see those in stores again.


♥ Smita - out of the 96 I am only a little dissapointed with 3. and only becuase they are somewhat 'dupe-ish' of each other. The rhinestones shocked me at their longevity, too. I just used a clear polish and then the Nailene T.C.

♥ rmCandlelight - I love going to the US shopping. That dollar tree store is one of my favorite's.

♥ CucumbPear - Thanks - Iam thankful to find those, The rhinestones usually drive me nuts too, I am always touching them and picking - but this 'experiment' helped me avoid that.

♥ Tara - I somethimes avoid doing 'haul' posts.... I dont want to encourage anyone to go on polish's buying binges. I bought this many at once because they were all polish's that are only found in the USA ( except the AVON's which are fabulous and are the same price in Canada )

♥ Nicole - I often read that the Dollar Tree stores in the USA just get randome stuff.... I went to two different ones in the state of ND and they had Maybelline Express Finish at one but not the other....

It was an awesome haul - and, this mani is over the top I will be repeating something similar to it soon♥

♥ ~*~ Dollface ~*~ - Thanks! that was a serious haul =

♥ raevenmarie - Thanks - its easy to do!

♥ chocoaddict - YES they were at the dollar tree for 1 dollar - can you believe that I left like 15 on the rack ( I have a good story for that ) I had an awesome time with my family and am very happy with all my USA goodies.

♥ amused polish - Thanks - this mani was super easy to do.

♥ Danielle - Thanks - it is pretty crazy the most expensive polish'
s were the avons♥

♥ Lois - I got lucky at the Dollar Tree - The mani is very easy to do, too.

♥ Lily Nail - Thanks those rhinestones are very easy to put on.

Lucy said...

This is one gorgeous manicure. Love all those rhinestones. You made quite a haul! I haven't seen any ColorRama polishes. Have fun with all of your swatching.