Tuesday, August 31, 2010

♥ NYC Empire State Blue and that electric file thing ♥

wow!  this polish was $0.93. It needed 4 coats, and probably could have used a 5th - but it is a lovely blue shade abundant with teal micro-shimmer. I picked up a few of these NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel polish's in the USA as they are no longer available in Canada. I had to go to 3 different stores to round up all the ones I wanted.

Although some of these NYC's are sheer and require an extra coat or two compared to other brands of polish, I think they are a great polish and this collection has some stunning shades.

I have quite a few shades of polish like this and will need to do a comparison of them. Thankfully this shade is common in every single company's polish collections so it is easy to find. I actually think I have 5 polish's extremely close to this. NYC Empire State Blue applied perfectly and dried fast, so I did not mind doing 4 coats and would gladly do more.... I love NYC polish's - I don't think I have been disappointed yet.


The battery operated nail file I purchased at the Dollarrama is very similar to the Salon Sharper that I have. It doesn't seem as sturdy as the Salon Shaper, it feels kinda flimsy = But it files perfectly, just as well as the Salon Shaper. As long as good quality batteries are used this will definitely come in handy for me in the future.

I'm also thankful that the bits that you can purchase at Sally Beauty Supply; like grinding wheels and buffers, fit perfectly in this thing. So I am happy ~ not to shabby for $2 bucks♥

Top the Original Salon Shaper and below the Dollarama knock-off ( with fancy case for bits )


Shade with Flash

Shade with Flash



April said...

Whoa!!!That color iz Amazing!!! ^_^

shortwidenails said...

I bought the same nyc as you from superstore for 89cents!!! ahh. I think it's just old stock they are trying to get rid of.

it seems you have awesome luck with getting old htf/ good deal polishes. you so lucky

Laynie said...

Ohhh, SWEET!!! That polish is such a gorgeous color. I want an opaque color like that.

Lucy said...

I have NYC polishes. There was a collection of all NY city areas. I hope this was one of them. It's a really pretty shade.

tjoyu said...

That is a gorgeous blue! Glad you finally found it!