Monday, August 9, 2010

♥ Franken - Shamrock Shake ♥

I got nothing

Here is Shamrock Shake ~ a franken I made a while ago that I had to wear today. It is a lively minty shade that I made with blue, green, black and white..... I am busy doing crafty things and trash my manicures daily. I barely get around to doing any nail art either, because I paint my nail a new shade every second day. Thankfully I have a tonne of new-ish polish's to keep me happy.

 Any hoo - here is a few more photos of Shamrock Shake, this is 2 coats with 1 coat of Clear polish.... I had planned to do some funky nail art but it ain't happening...... I also posted photos of some older nail art stickers I found wedged in a drawer. - I think the big hearts and stars might be a little to big to fit on my nails....

shade with flash

 ............. some old skool nail art stickers I found......

 over-exposed !!!!!!

Franken Shamrock Shake (from a few months ago )

The polish's I used to make this franken
L to R Billie Blue, Lime, White and Black


~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Amazing Franken!! Love it!

tasha~ said...

Ohhh hooo reminds me of Chanel jade!!!

Delainie said...

Love this colour - so pretty!!

Jane said...

This franken is gorgeous. Great job! And the name is perfect too.

Zara said...

Nice! I love the name. :)

Lois said...

WOW I love the color! Perfect name;)

Laynie said...

That is such a gorgeous color!! I love how you got such a muted, understated color from such wham, in your face colors. It's really well done, and the name is great!

Bronwyn said...

That's a lovely colour!

Nail Junkie said...

heyy this looks great!

i tagged you in a post,

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥Dollface - Thanks its all primary colours it was so easy.

♥ Tasha - Thanks!

♥ Delaynee - Thanks

♥ Jane - Thanks it is a cool name.

♥ Zara - Thanks!

♥ Lois - Thanks!

♥ Laynie - Thanks I love this colour and wore it n my toes 3 times already.

♥ Bronwyn - Thanks!

♥ Nail Junkie - Thanks for tagging e - I will check out that tag!