Monday, August 2, 2010

♥ NYC Skittles - west Village *NEW* Pier 17 and Skin Tight Denim ♥

L to R - NYC West Village, NYC Pier 17, NYC Skin Tight Denim, NYC Pier 17

West Village and Skin Tight Denim are 2 coats with 1 coat of T.C.
Pier 17 is 3 coats with 1 coat of T.C.

Here is a quick skittles I did using 3 of N.Y.C.'s rich beautiful blue polish's that are currently available in North America. The new NYC polish Pier 17 is the lightest of the bunch. This is 3 coats on my thumb, middle and pinky finger. It applied perfectly and dried just like all NYC polish's = fast. It is a bright glowey blue. I love love love it!
I have modeled West Village and Skin Tight Denim ... (this is HOT too! ) before. I have been very happy with NYC polish's and plan to own each one... even the boring bland colours. They apply well and dry fast. They are available in Canada at walmart, Superstore ( Loblaws. Fortinos.... whatever it's called in your Provence ) and other department stores ( not shoppers drug mart and other drug stores though... for some bizarre reason ). They are priced at $1.87 at walmart and vary in price at different stores. They are only 9.9 ml.... which is a big difference with most other polish brands being 12 to 15 ml.

most of my photos are under cloudy skies.....I am doing a full mani with NYC Pier 17 - but wanted to get swatches up with comparisons as soon as I could.

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

NO Top Coat!!!! Clock wise - Pier 17, west Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim, Pier 17

with top coat & Flash = Clock wise - Pier 17, West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim, Pier 17

also; I'm not sure if I ever posted these. I found these at one of my favorite stores which has since closed down. I am not sure how old these are But I think they are awesome! Those are water decals and those artificial nails are sooooo curved!.


Lisa said...

I like the fact that the skittles are subtle, all blue just different shades. Its something different but not too out there :)

Biba said...

Wow, these two look awesome. Love this kind of blue :)

Unknown said...

Blue is one of my fav colors for nail polish. I'm wearing a similar color now! Great blog, I'd appreciate if you could follow me too
it's new but I'll post new stuff very soon :)

shortwidenails said...

I think the skittles would also look gorgeous matte. I own so many blues many that I don't even want to count or compare them since I am in denial that I actually own that many blues..but I do think blue is very flattering

Pam said...

Nice selection of blues. Skin Tight Denim is absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Could you add my blog to your blogroll, please? Thanks! These blues are something for me :)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Lisa - yes this was a subtle skittles.... I love all three of these colours.

♥ I love that new blue, it is soooo glow-ey

♥ Basak - Thanks I will follow your blog and add you to my blogroll

♥ Shortnails - I should have added a matte top coat to this but I was eager to wear that new blue.

♥ Pam - Thanks - Love Skin Tight Denim

♥ Sonidlo - yes I will add your blog.