Monday, August 16, 2010

♥ NYC EAST Village and some haul'in ♥

  Flash - NYC East Village - 5 coats could use a few more a few more

This is a lovely glowey ocean-turquoise. This was 5 coats! this dried  fast  so it is redeemed, but I do wish it was a smidgen more opaque. I think that glowing finish would be lost if it was more opaque so I'll definitely be layering this over an opaque polish in the future, probably my favirote 'go-to' polish China Glaze Shower Together. In the flash photo above, the glow-i-ness really shows up.

All my photos of  NYC West Village are under cloudy gloomy skies. I applied a Nailene Bedazzle nail sticker over a crack on the base of my ring nail. Nail stickers to the rescue!!!!

w/ NYC Skin Tight Denim

I stepped into Superstore the other day and they had alot of NYC stuff at half price. I suppose they are clearing them out for the new line of NYC polish's. These were $1.14 ( reg. $2.28 ) so I snapped up 2 clears and 2 polish's that I wanted to try but haven't bought for whatever reason. I bought back-ups of West Village and Chinatown, two dark and shimmery polish's that are must have's.

Keep in mind though, these are 9.9 ml and volume wise they are not the most economical of the bargain polish's available...... However they are a great formula, have beautiful richly pigmented shades and are easily available. My only complaint is the NYC polish West Village, which needed like 6 plus coats for full coverage. Next time I will definitely layer it over something when I wear it again.

Grand Central Station - Clear; My new clear polish for frankens
ChinaTown - A fabulous shimmery dark purple - great frankens have been made with this
East Village a watery shimmery turquoise - needs like 6 coats to opacity & could be layered over something
West Village -  An awesome dark blue. Rich and shimmery
Mulberry Street - a shimmery buff shade
Grand Central Station - Clear, My new clear polish for heavy duty shimmers and glass flecks

..........and a few Icings I have picked up in the last month or so... on the 5 for $10 rack.

L to R: Icing Monet, Van Gogh, Marine Blue, Sandy Beach, Blue Goose

L to R: Icing Monet, Van Gogh, Marine Blue, Sandy Beach, Blue Goose, Blue Goose layered
all 2 coats with TC except Blue Goose which was 3. The last nail is Blue Goose layered over ChG Shower Together. Blue Goose is very, very pretty.

Also; Marine Blue had no shimmer in it at all. I picked up alot of the shimmer with the top coat i used from the two chrome like polish's Monet & Van Gogh - {{ Ruining ANOTHER TOP COAT... well contaminating it with shimmery particles. === DANG!}}

Monet -  Sea-foam chrome.... it is more subtle then the China Glaze Krome Metallic Muse
Van Gogh - a grey chrome that I suppose is a knock-off of  ChG SciFi - it even has the Lavender tint to it.
Marine Blue - I wish this had  a 'green' themed name; its more on the green side than blue to me.
Sandy Beach - A fabulous shimmery buff shade
Blue Goose - a glass flecked blue, I picked this up and put it down like 5 times. Its very pretty ( 3 coats )
Blue Goose - layered over ChG Shower Together. ( 3 coats layered over 2 coats of the ChG )


mynailzz said...

great haul! i haven't found these NYC colors! where do you get them from??

and i cannot wait to start living in a city that has a Claire's! I need to try their polish!!

Lily said...

lovely haul!
I happen to have that polish-- it's a beautiful color, but the formula isn't the greatest. It requires 7 coats for it to actually look nice! And after a few uses it's kinda blah. But it dries super quick!
anywho, nice post!
here's my blog:
I'm a newbie (really new. I started like a week ago :P), and it isn't a completely polish-focused blog, but yeah.....


Anonymous said...

Your nails makes me think of the beach with that color and those stickers! Very nice!

paintedbluestars said...

I have the nyc blue and I put it over suzi says fueng shui and it was fabulous. i should be putting pics up of that on my blog soon

Lulu said...

Great post, I love the swatching. Can't wait to check out Claire's tomorrow. I always leave there with an arm-full of stuff!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

We must have hit Icing at the same time, as I found some of the same bottles too lol. It's odd that Claire's does 10 for $10 but Icing does 5 for $10 eh

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥Thanks for the comments everyone♥

♥ Smita - NYC polish's can be found at Walamrt in North America and some drugstores in North America as well..... They are often tucked away with all the other makeup and are hard to spot.

♥ Lily - Whoa 7 coats.... okay I will definitely be layering this from now on.

♥ kittypolishnbags - Thanks, that is a beachy look.

♥ paintedbluestars - Thanks, I will try this over a nice rich green polish next time I wear it.

♥ Lulu - I love Claire's, too.

♥ Halifax - We do end up picking a few of the same polish's at the same time!