Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ Avon Green Olive & about the Colour-Rama's ♥

Avon Olive Green 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene TC - I am so impressed with Avon = WOW


Shade with Flash

Wow This Avon Polish Olive Green is fabulous. This is 1 coat plus one thiiiiiin coat. I think this could be a 1 coater. The formula is fabulous and the drying time was surprising. It dried  fast considering it is very humid in my region of the Country right now.  The colour is a lovely rich green in a creme finish.

I have not used Avon nail polish for years, but if this is an indication of the quality I will likely put them on my 'to-buy' list. I picked this up at an AVON KIOSK IN THE MALL!!!!! How cool is that. In the USA at Fargo's Mall  in North Dakota they had this little Avon Kiosk where you could buy products right there - instead of ordering it and waiting. = Instant Gratification.   How awesome is that?

I also picked up another lovely polish 'Jade'. These two polish's have different names in Canada and in Europe. They are both lovely shades and have a great fast drying formula. I think they are still $2.99 for all the Nail Wear Pro polish's in the Avon Book and in mall Kiosk's ( if you have them in your state - do they have these in Canada?..... I wish! )

About the Colour-Rama's;

My very first stop on my trip to the USA was The Dollar Tree. I just about fainted when I got to the Make-up aisle. I actually left behind like 12 to 15 packages of these Color-Rama's becuase there was little girls looking at them and asking their mom to buy them and their Mom said 'Next Time' and I thought...... If I buy all of these, I'll be an awful human being. I even went back the next day to grab them all and just couldn't stand the the thought of hoarding 100 cute Color-Rama polish's = How cruel would that be!  Imagine those girls coming back tot he store and they were ALL gone? I also snagged some very pretty L.A. Colors polish's at the same Dollar Tree. I think that the L.A. Colors colr craze polish's are available at all Dollar Trees .

{{ I will be editing my haul photos...soon.... }}

I was actually hoping to spot the Old Skool Maybelline Blue Jeans collection- However I am delighted to have found these. I bought alot of polish during this trip, things that I cannot get in stores here in Canada. I am thankful for all the cool bargain polish that i can find here in my town at the local dollar stores yet I have to say that Americans are very lucky, there are literally 100's of beautiful, good quality polish's availbale in the CVS, Walgreens and Kmart and Walmart for .93 cents to $2.00.

Love My Nail's, Perfect 10, NYC, LA colours are all under 2 bucks! My Main focus was Sinful Colors and the were $1.50 each at Walgreen last week. I picked up the 10 I wanted for sure, but left my list in our Hotel of the names of the other Sinful Polish's I wanted. I have read that these are available in Canada recently? ==AWESOME== 

My only complaints about my polish shopping trip were that I didn't spot any of the new Pure Ice polish's.

YES! they were 1 dollar per package of 3. Alot of them were sheer and boring looking; there are some stunning shimmery top coats in here that mimic those CND Effect polish's. So if you happen to live in Grand Forks and neeeeeeed some awesome old Skool nail polish - get yourself to that Dollar Tree. I bet that even weeks later they will all still be handing on those hooks..... the ones I left behind.

Also; I know I have mentioned alot about stalking stores...... Its true you really do need to pop into stores a few times a week, I always ask....'when will you be getting a shipment of polish or make-up'. It is a good idea to ask and be kind to the ladies ( or dudes ) who work/manage/own stores. You never know = they could whip out a box of Nail Prisms one day.

' Welcome Home Children '

I am lacking with my Toe Nail Polish photos. I have had the best luck with the polish's I choose for my Pedicures = N.Y.C.'s and China Glaze. I have been re-wearing Polish's that I already have T.O.T.W. photos of so I don't bother posting. Below is Icing Blue Goose a lovely glass-fleck like medium blue layered over N.Y.C. West Village, a fabulous rich Navy packed with shimmer.

N.Y.C. and China Glaze Polish's last forever on my toes. I used a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat, then applied 2 coats of N.Y.C. West Village, then the Icing Blue Goose. I added a coat of Nailene TC the next day. It's held up well for almost 8 days now.

Also my BIG TOE nail is an artificial nail.... I walked into a piece of wood ( I know..... I know... ) and broke my toe nail straight across but halfway down my nail bed. I have a few photos chronicling this injury, too and the healing process and finally the outcome of this injury.... which I will post eventually.

Icing 'Blue Goose' layered over 2 coats of NYC West Village
( my poor dry toe-nail cuticles )

...... and some more Avon Green Olive....This is a prefect Dark Green Creme. I highly recommend it. I believe it is still $2.99 in Canada and the USA.... I am looking forward to seeing alot of swatches on the blogs of the different colours available for summer and fall. They look lovely in the brochure.

The square cap, though...... ( me and my nail polish caps.... )


Shade with Flash

Shade with Flash


tasha~ said...

Ohhhh I love the swatches of the Avon! Great color! WOW! I have been debating whether or not to order it... I think I want it now haha!

Nice job on the coloramas I wish my dollar store had more nail polishes...

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

How I love this color! I have the European version of this color and it looks like black, noone can tell that it is a dark green polish :/ I wish we had this color too.

Danielle said...

so jealous of your haul ;) I'll be checking out buffalo this weekend, hopefully i'm at least half as lucky as you were!

Unknown said...

so lucky you find colorama flakies !!

Unknown said...

Wow!!! some awesome greens and I'm glad you were able to get those colorama's while here in the states. You have some that I haven't seen. Enjoy :)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I've been loving the Avons I got recently too and actually ordered a bunch of "boring" pinks as well just because the formula is so good. Isn't it just amazing how they're almost one-coaters? I love the bottles too. The green looks awesome on you. It looked a little more dusty/greyed out on me.

Miranda said...

I sent you an email about these coloramas. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible the help would be muchly appreciated.