Tuesday, May 18, 2010

♥ Xtreme Wear - 'Mellow Yellow' ♥

Mellow Yellow 3 thin coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

"Mellow" it is not! This is a cheerful lively yellow creme and no where near mellow. Here is another fabulous Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Polish - 'Mellow Yellow' 3 coats and one dust and fluff filled coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. Someone needs to invent some sort of dust free nail polish chamber because I keep getting bits of fluff, dust or cotton ball fragments in my polish even though I check to be sure there is no dust or fluff in the vicinity.GRRRRRRRR!!!!

  All of the Xtreme Wear polish's I have tried are fabulous and they are easy to find & inexpensive.

Also = I cut my ring finger just above my nail on a piece of glass - I know everyone will be dazzled by my photo-shop skillz......................


Fluorescent- it doesnt look like this IRL - i guess the lighting & my camera fudged it up

{ omfg look at all the fluff on my thumb! }



Semi Shade


♥Lala♥ said...

I love all the extreme wear polishes now I have to get this one! Perfect for the summer bright and pretty ♥!

Beatriz said...

LOL at your photoshop comment. this is a egg yolk YELLOW wow!

Ashley said...

Yikes, it's a pretty color but yellows scare me after I tried Sally Hansen's Sunflowers. It looks good on you!

Unknown said...

I like this yellow a lot, I wonder how it compares to the bright yellow from the up and away collection?

Unknown said...

I love those yellows...they look awesome!! :)

Arrianne said...

Haha at your photoshop skillz. I wish I was able to make it look so natural like you did.

Noisette said...

Hi! I got this one but haven't used it yet ... just loooooove it!! Guess I will do my nails everyday!