Saturday, May 22, 2010

♥ Candied Cobalt franken and Claire's Matte Cobalt ♥

2 coats of Claire's Matte cobalt with 1 coat of Franken Candied Cobalt. 
Ring is 5 thin coats of Candied Cobalt

Here is another franken polish I made using Sally Hansen Candy Lace, and added a few drops of Claire's Matte Cobalt. I had intended to wear Claire's Matte Cobalt for the day, but while painting my nails outside, they were covered in pollen and dust I just slapped on a coat of my franken. I like the irregular flecks in this polish.They are very subtle. My Ring finger is 5 thin coats and is still very sheer,  I think this franken polish will either need to be re-frankened to make it a little more opaque or just be used as a layering polish.

My ring finger is finally healing and don't want to photo shop my healing process. Hope it doesn't disturb anyone.





Sun - no TC
Shade - no TC

Flash - no TC

I'm not em-biggen-ing this pollen & bubble filled photo


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

The Franken is wickedly beautiful. :)
Ah, the boo-boo doesn't frighten me. Do you think bees would have been attracted to your pollen nails is you stayed outside? :p

Recalcitrant Nails said...

Awesome franken. I always love seeing what you are up to in the frankening world. :) No worries on the healing cut. Its life and I'm glad you are healing.