Thursday, May 20, 2010

♥ 'Candied Togeteher-ness' and Skittles ♥

franken Candied Togetherness 4 thin coats with a coat of T.C.

This is 4 thin coats of my latest Franken - Candied Togetherness, on my PINKY is 2 coats of Claire's Matte Green, with 1 coat of Candied Togetherness. I whipped this franken up using Sally Hansen 'Candy Lace' and a few drops of China Glaze 'Shower Together'. While this needed like 4 coats to get to an acceptable opacity, it dried super, duper fast, so it wasn't much of a hassle (thank goodness).

I have made a series of frankens using 3 base colours, Claire's Matte Cobalt, Sally Hansen Radish (older polish) and China glaze Shower Together.  I have paired these three with an awesome older Sally Hansen polish that I found at a bargain store in my town; S.H. Candy Lace. I really love the random sized flakey chunks of whatever is in this polish. The flakes are not opalescent nor do they have any flash or flair to them. I am guessing there are just a run of the mill mica. While that sounds boring, I appreciate the texture of this polish and have tried on 3 separate occasions to make frankens with 'Candy Lace'.

My problem was that i was adding creme finish polish's to the franken mix, when I should have been adding DROPS of sharp, richly pigmented colours to tint the base of this polish which would allow the mica to show through ( nothing that would have white in it ). And so I have created 3 pretty polish's that look great layered or can hold their own with 3 to 5 thin coats.

Candied Lace, on it's own and in the bottle looks neat, it's interesting but lacks any sorta pizazz that i definitely need for my mani's.

Also; the purple arrows are covering up a bad cut on my ring finger..... this was way easier then trying to disguise it with photo shop.

Also ( geez did I write enough stuff already, dang! ) If you are into frankens and need some great base colours, these Claire's Matte polish's are SUPER DUPER AWESOME for frankens. They are unbelievably pigmented and are on the bargain 10 items for $10 bucks racks right now at Claire's stores. *( Sorry everyone in my town I bought alot!!!!! )*




Indoor Fluorescent



- Top To Bottom - 

 S.H Candied Lace with Claire's Matte Cobalt,
S.H Candied Lace with S.H. Radish, 
S.H Candied Lace with ChG Shower Together
pinky = 2 coats of Matte Green no Tc

No Top Coat


With 1 Coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat


L to R - Sally Hansen Candied Lace, ChG Shower Together, S.H. Radish, Claire's Matte Cobalt

Sally Hansen Candied Lace Frankens



Ice Queen said...

Wow, you are creative and I like those colours. Very nice. :D

Tiana said...

This is a nice mani! Hope your ring finger is going to be OK. :)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Fabulous frankens. Thanks for the heads-up on Claire's, I'll have to see if the sale is on at the one near me.