Thursday, May 27, 2010

♥ Rimmel 'Climax' w/ Rimmel 'Glam Goth' ♥

Rimmel Climax with Rimmel Glam Goth sponged on tips.

Apparently this is also an older Rimmel polish that was re-packaged when Rimmel changed their bottle shape. This is a nice light lilac shade that I would say is a frosty shimmer......It has some pinky-ness to it that can be seen in the photos and a lilac with just a smidgen of pink.

I had a tough time with this polish, I found it to be thick but also the brush seems a little different from most polish brushes that I have experience with. The bristles were dense and also there seemed to be polish 'hiding' in the bushy bristles..... hence the super thick application on my middle finger which resulted in EPIC BUBBLEZ!

But - it turned out to be a lovely shade, I ended up sponging on another Rimmel polish 'Glam Goth' that I found on clearance in fall-time of last year. Glam Goth is a black jelly with dense pink and blue micro-shimmer. Its really neat but very hard to take a picture of. In the the evening sun I can see a prominent rich raspberry shimmer = very pretty.

Instead of sponging the whole tip of my nail, I stared at the middle of my nail, created a 'sponged arc', and then just painted on Glam Goth towards the tips of my nails..... Normally I try to do it all fancy and make sure my nails are evenly sponged - but I am trying to work through my un-tried & un-worn polish's and this Mani will only last for 24-ish hours.



 Rimmel Climax, Nailene Top Coat, Rimmel Glam Goth

Pinky - raspberry-ish shimmer

This polish seemed really thick to me and I had some problems applying it. I applied it too thickly and got alot of bubbles on my middle finger.
I sponged on Rimmel 'Glam Goth'  a black based jelly with pretty pink and blue shimmer, using an ordinary kitchen sponge cut into a small square.
Then brushed on Glam Goth to fill in the tips of my nails. When it was dry I applied a nice coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

Below - the rest of these photos are of the lovely Rimmel Climax - 2 thick coats with 1 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. The next time I wear this it will be many thin, thin THIN coats, becuase this bubbled like crazy on my middle finger so thin coats are the way to go!!!!


Shade w/ Flash




Jamie K. said...

i like this actually. the whole look. glam it up with studded heels and a rock look :P the black just look like diesel splashed over ur nails. very Megan Fox in Transformers :P

adorepink said...

oooh, I really love that purple Rimmel (climax?) I am on a light purple kick right now...

Unknown said...

I love these purples!

I have an all purple giveaway, check it out!

Unknown said...

Love the rimmel purples. I don't have glam goth missed out on it :/ Love the sponge affect :)