Thursday, February 11, 2010

♥ SKITTLES- Mavala & Indulge mini's ♥

above fluorescent lighting


PINKY - Mavala 'Nice' # 72
RING - 'Frosty Fuchsia'
MIDDLE - 'Shimmery Orange'
INDEX - ' Shimmery Fuchsia'
THUMB - Mavala 'Salerno' # 70

These cute Mavala polish were found at a department store in my town, and the Indulge Tropical trio was found at a dollar store in Ontario. The two orange polish's, on my PINKY and MIDDLE finger, really are bright! Of course cameras seem to have hard time getting the correct orange shade for bright orange colors like this.

Thumb - Mavala 'Salerno' = Pinky Mavala 'Nice'


 - The three indulge mini polish from the 'tropical trio' -


Paige said...

Those are beautiful colors!

Tracey said...

I Love Those Colors! The Only Thing Missing From Your Skittles Nails is the Skittle Logo. I Sell Nail Decals and I Would Be More than Happy to Send You Some to Try Out! :-) Doesn't Have to Be Skittles Can Be Anything!


Angie | said...

Very fun tropical colours!

Lucy said...

Love all those different colors. Very pretty.