Monday, February 8, 2010

♥ Icing mini's Skittles ♥

I can't believe I am writing this; but these polish's need less glitter. Less of the smaller silver glitter, that is; and more of these awesome colored specks of glitter. In the blurry fuzzy single nail photo below, you can see the glowey blue/purple specks of glitter very easily. There almost seems to be too much of the silver glitter, and I feel that in normal lighting conditions, this dense smaller silver glitter envelops these awesome blue specks of glitter. There are several better swatches of these on the interwebz, mine are not that great.

 These 5 minis are very pretty polish's, they applied just fine, the brush was easily maneuverable, and they dried in a timely fashion. This is one coat over black with 1 coat of NaileneT.C. My only complaint is wishing there was more 'specks' of these awesome glowey specks, and having less silver glitter.

THUMB - Goldie locks - creamy silver
INDEX - Sparklin Girl - purple
MIDDLE - Starry Eyes - Blue
RING - Passion - Pink
PINKY - Oscar - Gold


Anonymous said...

They're quite fun polishes! Great to make a normal nail polish look a bit more unique and fun

Camila said...

Wow!! I think it's very beautiful, and the amount of glitter is great for me, but could have more glitter blue and purple.

Paige said...

Those colors look gorgeous!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I think the only ones with much difference are Starry Night and Oscar....hints of color....they're not bad, but I agree, could have used some more color.

Niki* said...

They're all super pretty! But if you didnt tell me I would have thought they were almost all the same colour! lol :P

Lucy said...

Pretty polishes. I agree with you that they need more color to them. They do look a little similar.