Saturday, February 6, 2010

The end of Deez Nailz?


I loved adding all these photos to my blog but it has finally happened~ I tried to load up new photos and I got this message....

"this site has exceeded it's file quota" 

I was just asking that a few weeks ago - how much space does a blog have?...... well, I still don't know how much space I have used, but apparently I have run out of it. At the end of summer I made a new blog, - I will start posting over there = unless I figure out how to fix this one so I can still post here

I still have 14 posts-waiting-to-be-posted. So I will just be posting those un-posted posts till I figure all this out.

Has anyone else out there run into this problem yet? I really love blogger - I am stubborn and do not want to learn a new type of 'blogger' or 'word-press' type thing. I hope it isn't like, un-ethical to just start up a new blog and keep this one running as well.

Grrrr.. what to do?

Here is my other blog, just in case............... I am glad I thought of that♥
Never mind - I figured it out - I have already used 99% of my allotted picasa web album space...
Picasa Web Albums
0.99 GB (99%) in use


Unknown said...

Have you thought about using Flickr? I think you will still be able to add your pics to your blog.

What I am doing with my pictures is to keep the files fairly small, so they load quicker online, although you don't get as much detail.

I am sure we'll be able to figure something out, but I would definitely see if flickr can help in this case. GOOD LUCK!

jaljen said...

You must be the most methodical person in the world! Thank you for all your fabulous photos, the links, the information, the advice.
Most of the polishes you feature are not available in the UK but I check you out (first) every day anyway because you are unmissable! A-ma-ZING.

Leanne said...

Sign up to! Then you can upload your photos here through that :)

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

I use to upload my pictures, that way I can show biggggger pictures in my blog, yet don't use my blogger quota. It is very easy to use, I highly recommend :) By the way I'm a new subscriber but I love your blog, I'll follow the other blog too. :)

Taki J said...

You almost made me panic with your title!!

I use flickr..they have a 100MB limit per month for free are for around $24/yr it is unlimited.

Trinity Allyn ♥ said...

If you upload your pictures elsewhere, such as, on the upload page, there's a space to either upload from your computer, or put in a url, you just want to do url's from now on, hosting your pictures elsewhere, and you can keep this blog in business! :D