Monday, April 6, 2009

Sally Haul ♥ China Glaze & Sally girl minis ♥

Like I need more nail polish...................

China Glaze ~ "For Audrey" and China Glaze "Watermelon rind"

There is no sun yet today, but I know that every blogger out there has "For Audrey and Watermelon Rind" swatched so if my fuzzy pic's don't do it for you, please Google it, they are both just gorgeous, and if you get the chance you won't be disappointed that you bought them.

Wow, CG "For Audrey" really is a beautiful color. I couldn't wait to paint my nails with it, so I just slapped it on top of my "deadly" fake nails I was sporting this weekend. In my earlier posts I was describing a polish I used to have by Sally Hansen, and this is a very close match. I am super happy I got this one. I also picked up Watermelon Rind, which is wow, just wow, I have seen both of these swatched a million times on blogs, but in person they really are something else,

I cant wait to paint my nails with the rest ofmy new goodies. And yes, I did say that I was not going to be buying any polish for awhile. But when I say it this time I mean it. I am putting myself out there, and saying that " I am a nail polish buying addict" I know I totally do not need any more, i have, like, 15 I have not worn in public yet.... so why do i buy more? This time i am serious, I will not buy any until May 1st!

Any hoo, here are the goodies I picked up for myself, plus a grinding stone that I got on sale for $1.39 CA ( for my electric nail file-thing )

Top Row ~ Sally Girl Mini's L to R ~

"Champagne Kisses",
"Way to Disco",
"Blissful Kiss"

Bottom Row ~ China Glaze L to R ~

"Shower Together"
"Sexy In The City"
"Grape Juice"
"Watermelon Rind"
"For Audry"

In case anyone is curious ( i am )

Because of the sale they were buy one get one free, so they were 3.99 Canadian each... Which is cheaper than most of the drug stores/walmart around here, for good quality polish. As an example,

Sally Hansen Insta Dri, is $5.69 for 9.17 ml

in most stores here...... where as

China Glaze, was $ 3.99 for 14 ml

Insta dri, dries, really, really fast and they have beautiful colors. I will probably be picking up the white and black soon... eeeerrrr, ummmmm I mean in May.

.....And my Sally Beauty Card

The nearest Sally's Beauty Supply is 2 hours away in the "big city". Almost every major city in Canada has a beauty supply shop open to the public except for Manitoba, we just got one like, a few months ago.... isn't that sad? also they had no nail wheels, (the ones you use to display polish colors)

But I am grateful, I picked out some really pretty polishes, but I totally forgot to look for that stick thing that all the tutorial nail artists use when they are painting one single fake nail.... it is a clear Lucite stick, and somehow the acrylic nail stays in place while the do their work on it. Now that I need a picture of it, so possibly someone knows the"real' name of it, I cannot find one......


clockwork said...

I like your swatches, personally I love seeing different people's pictures of the same, you get an eye for how it looks on various skin tones and different lighting situations :) Just picked up last week-end think it was For Audrey

Brooke said...

Everytime I see CG - For Audrey it looks like a different color, lol! I don't own this one, so i'm not for sure what the "real" color is!

Velvet said...

Great haul you have there! Looking forward to seeing swatches or any "frankens" you might produce! You always have the coolest ideas for making new colors.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Clockwork ~ I looked at like, at least 10 different bloggers who swatched "for Audrey", and it does look different in every picture.

Yes, you did buy "for Audry" last weekend because I just saw it on your blog this morning. I looooove that glow in the dark glitter you have, too. I need to find a nice sheer glow in the dark top coat.

I have alot of pictures saved to compare = and alomst all of them look different from blogger to blogger, which is a good thing. The fuzzy photos, the just a little out of focus and the camera phone pictures are good too, because you get a better perspective of the true polish color, and how the color varies from different light sources.

I do not think that I will be in an environment with some of the lighting that the Companies use when they showcase their polish colors.

Brooke~ yep,it is different in every picture. But, it is always beautiful. I am surprised you don't have it ?

Velvet ~ I will be making some frankens soon, hopefully some holographic ones, and some foil-foil-ey metallic ones.but I will not be buying any polishes anytime soon, though (teh-hee, hee ).

Olivia C. said...

What cool colors!!??!!

Tuli said...

Watermelon rind is a great color ! I last saw it on Velvet's blog and decided I have to get one too :-)
Those China's polishes looks soooo beautiful ! I can't wait for the swatches....

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have all of those ChG polishes. "For Audrey" is beautiful...I can't wait to use it.

I have to drive out of my city to get to a Sally's as well. I will never understand why the Nation's Capital doesn't have a Sally's!!