Thursday, April 2, 2009

French Mani ( boring ~ but practical ) Fing'rs

So here are some shorter falsie's. I really love Fing'rs products but these guys always crack/split down the middle of my nail, like vertically. Weird, I know. And that would be okay except they end up being pretty sharp, and..... I yank out alot of hair buy accident this way. It's bizarre because they are not thin, and poorly made.... so I don't know whats up. I use alot of different brands of acrylic full coverage nails and This only happens with Fing'rs. And, it is not because === they are curved and my nail beds are flat,== I get good adhesion and they are suitably shaped for my nail beds...

(I am gonna try to incorporate more "props" into my photos )

( part of my stash of pre-painted false nails)

breakage...... after 1 3/4 days wear......... vertical splitting > ????

Close up

So every Fing'rs fake nails I have tried have done this.... and it's too bad because I really like the colors they have, they are wide for my nail beds and....... they look really pretty, and they have soo many cool finishes and nail art. Does this happen to anyone else?

I liked how the dark blue
metallic's were black underneath the free edge, but those metallic's were the worst offenders for my problem. I wonder if anyone else had this happen to them (time for some Internet sleuthing )

Here is a picture of my fake nail stash. When I purchase them, I take them out of the box because I would have no room to house, like, 40 boxes of fake nails. I had hoped to find some clear partitioned cases but couldn't..... so far.

( my stash of fake nails, and nail gems and stickers )

I don't have a picture of the box that I am wearing in the picture, but they are a fing'rs brand shorter sporty-type french manicure.... very pretty ( but dangerous, ha-ha )

So these are the nails I am talking about. I have these two, and I will get two sets of nails out of each package. I am a little cheesed off about the splitting down the middle thing, and I wish that the design was on all the nails, (it's only on 12 out of 36 in the package but whatever), they are very pretty... but I don't think I will be buying them again.

These are really cool full coverage fake nails... maybe I am just rediculously rough on them. I looooooove all the black ones and the ones with the tip nail-art on them. So don't just take my word for it. If they did'nt crack/split on me, I would totally buy them again.

I am really interested to see if this happens to anybody else


clockwork said...

The midnight metallics ones look very cool, might have to search some out to try!

Robyn @ said...

Too bad that the french falsies split easily. They look so natural on you.

Velvet said...

I haven't tried this brand. I can't get over how real they look on your hand! They look great on you.

Lucy said...

Do you wear fake nails all the time? I thought thses were your real nails. They are certainly pretty. Strange how they split. Have you gotten in touch with the company? Maybe they can help you.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Yes, I do wear fake nails. I can grow my nails long, but they are very thin and sharp :o(
I have cut myself with my own nails more than a few times

I used to get wraps so they would be stronger/thicker, but this is easier,faster and way more fun.

I think that the best trick for fake nails is shaping them to your nail bed.

styrch said...

Wow, I didn't know that fakes would split like that. I haven't tried them. At least not recently. I'm still desperately trying to grow my regular nails (as you know). But if you hadn't said these were fake, I would have never known!

Brooke said...

I don't wear the pre-painted tips. I have put on my own acrylics several times and I don't remember ever having one split down the middle like yours. I think whoever it was suggested you contact the company is your best bet :)