Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~♥~ Billie " Fuschia " ~♥~


Here is another one from the group of bright polishes form my awesome neighborhood .99 cent store. There was a span of like 4 days where there was absolutely no sunshine here. So I will definitely have to wear this again soon, and get some better pics in the sun. Basically this is a hot pink fluorescent polish similar to what other company's have for their summer line ups. This is a matte polish, that I got for .99 cents. (woo-hoo)

Every single pic here is in the shade sadly, The pink glow in my palm is reflecting the color in the bottle - Its not some weird camera problem. It had me a little worried about what they would put into a polish to make it sooooo bright!




Unknown said...

I love this!

Brooke said...

That makes your nails look like they are *glowing* - I love it! I wonder what these nail polishes look like under a black light??

As a side note, I love that pine tree, those are my fav. kind, they always look so soft compared to regular pines.