Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gosh Dang-it !!!!!~ I totally take back everything I said ~

Sally Hansen "Mocha Madness" & "Dark Chocolate "

I totally regret saying that I would not buy any more polish until May 1st 2009. But, these we only .98 cents at the Grocery store, and I find Sally Hansen the best for Frankens,......and I need new "Franken" bottles, plus they were sitting there, all lonely, in the bargain bin, sooooooo...........

It's funny how since I started blogging I have found more "bargain" polish then ever before. I won't be running out of things to blog about for a long, long time.I have soooooooo many to wear and swatch. The only problem I have is that I don't have the room to support all these polishes and this weekend I am going to have to get creative with a storage solution. Should I really even be complaining about that? Shame on me ....... too much polish.

Well, I hope I can control myself for the rest of the month, next time I spot a good deal or a bargain, I think I should leave it for someone else.

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Lucy said...

The problem is how and where to store. Does anyone have any good ideas?