Thursday, April 16, 2009

~♥~ yessssss! New Nail Polish Shipment at awesome store!!! ~♥~

So before I take off my beautiful vibrant, but unfortunately named, "Purple Haze" I had to layer something over top of it. This is another pretty polish by the mysterious Billie Brand, two coats of "Majestic, which is layered over 2 coats of "Purple Haze"..... sorry, I cant find another main-stream polish to compare it to. I say it's like a rose gold, just more rose-ey. Like all polishes in this Brand, it dries to the touch in 5 min, even with 3 coats, this one though was pretty strong smelling, it might be because i slapped this on very early in the a.m.



It is very dark and gloomy here, with rain and strong winds, so no outside pic's today, but I captured the color well with these photos.

Last night I had the most lovely dream, that I walked into a discount store somewhere, in a far off land, and found bins and boxes full of mini nail polish bottles of all shapes and styles, with the most god-awful colors in them ( so I would not feel guilty pouring them away) But.... this is even better, I am absolutely delighted that my favorite .99 cent store got a shipment of inexpensive - but really good nail polish After picking up ten, the ladies who work there were kind enough to let me take pictures of their newest stock.

I am sorting them out on my computer this evening, but posting this lonely picture here in hopes that someone else will see them and run to their .99 cent store ( CANADA ? )to get some. I have already swatched them, but cannot get them onto blogger at the moment. I only bought 10 for myself.... yes I totally broke my not-buying-anything-till-May promise, but I did not want to pass these up.... The lovely ladies who work there say that they get snapped up really, really fast.

~ Yessssssssss! ~

Blogger is not letting me upload any more photo's at the moment, not sure whats go'in on, The ones I picked and have swatched are very nice, I picked out 4 glitters, but all 4 pretty much look the same.......Any hoo, onto the photo's, I am extremely eager to try out the orange polishes I picked up today!

When I think of neon I think =yuck, but I am really starting to like them, I picked up and orange neon, a green, a blue, and two pink neon's. I found two pink neon's that are not so in-your-face, as the one I wore the other day.


Lucy said...

How lucky to find these polishes. But how sad your not able to buy it all! I wouldn't be able to buy them all either. I know we all would love to get every color. I think if it was on line I would probably buy much more. I love the polishes you have on. Very pretty and I like the nail with the different color.

hya_been said...

Hello! I've stumbled across your blog and I'm loving it - a Canadian nail polish blogger - did not know one existed and I'm so happy I found your blog. Bookmarking it now. I must check out the dollar stores in my area when I get a chance. I'm in Ontario, so I hope I can find some.

Anonymous said...

So I just went to my local dollar store today and happen to buy the very same Billie polish 'majestic' colour that you did and I love it. The store I found these polishes at was a local Dollar Giant. The funny thing is that I went to see my mom and we happen to go to a different Dollar Giant and they had more colours, so I splurged. I mean how could you not when they're only $1 each!?