Friday, April 17, 2009

~♥~ Billie 'Orange' & Burning Hot' ~♥~

~Billie "Orange" and Billie "Burning Hot" (on my ring)~

Billie "Burning Hot" is a light burnt orange shimmer, 2 coats -dries super fast, but was a little strong smelling for me. The color sorta looks like Orly Cha-Cha-Cha, which comes in a mini and full size. Those Orly minis are sooo cute! This is a very sheer polish, that will probably look its best layered over another polish.


If you own an orange high-lighter; this is exactly what "Orange" looks like, exactly. I would say that it is an average neon orange. The neon safety vests construction people wear is a little more of a burnt orange, where this is a color you would get when you use paper-mate/liquid paper and a high-lighter on your nails (if you were bored in school). This is a matte finish, I thought that a shiny top-coat would tone it down a little, nope, it actually makes it appear a little brighter....It's hard to find a picture of how this specific color looks to me, as all the neon's that I have found recently and neon polishes in general are difficult to photograph, hence my bizarre descriptions and Google-hunting....

~ Stuff I think my polish looks like ~

~ The Nike (TM ) swoosh (TM) on this rad sneaker ~

~ OSHA Safety Spray Paint ~

~ This ~

I really, really hoped the sun would come out today, but it is starting to look like that is not happening. But, neon's really look their best in the shade, or crummy indoor lighting, and I am hurting to take this off and paint my nails another color from my haul.... so here we go with the photo's.......

~ They are all in the shade, it is soooo gloomy here ~

So instead of 5 to 6 coats of this sorta water-ey neon, I used twocoats of a plain white nail polish on all my figers except my ring of course and on my pinky I only used one coat of white..... The 1 coat of white was very streaky and it is clearly visable through the neon orange..... So now I know for next time... 2 coats of white.

Since I learned about the tiny brush dipped in remover to clean up all the mistakes around the nail bed trick (thank you soooo much) I have become extra sloppy when applying nail polish. Before, I was trying to be too careful - especially on my right hand, (I'm right handed) which previously resulted in a very uneven application .... not any more! It turns out just as good as my left hand with no drag marks, sheer spots, etc.


Mary said...

I love those polishes and I'd jump on 'em if I ever found them! Looks great and I enjoy your props!

Brooke said...

ooooooommmmmmmgggggggggg!! this is pure torture!!

Where did you say you were getting these from?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these~ cause of you i picked up a 4 this week.
im actually searching for the matte ones, but mine doesn't have them.
they actually only have a few, and doesn't look like they will restock after they sell out.
im currently wearing ruby, and loving it :)

Velvet said...

I love how you painted the ring finger a different color. Also,these two colors together are sooo... yummy! I'm not sure how to capture the true color of any neons. I've been trying to figure that out. But your correct about photographing them in the shade. I find that I get a better picture in the shade for neons. Where as bright sunlight,washes the color out. Hmmm...I guess we have to keep trying. I like how the orange was included too.

Nixxy said...

Whooooaa! I think I got a dose of vitamin C just by looking at em! :)