Friday, July 12, 2013

Midnight Blue - Deja Vu

......try'na catch up on posting, while spitting out dope rhymes, just for you...........

This mani is 3 coats of Sinful Colors Midnight Blue --- a gorgeous blue, perfect application, dried fast, it's just awesome! If I applied it too thick there was some notable metallic line, due to the rich metallic properties of this polish. I have read that this polish stains so I did the white school glue base so I can peel it right off when I am finished with it this evening. I picked this up at a Dollar Tree in the U.S.A.            ( yes- a U.S.A. haul post is in the works)

I'm planning a deep metallic blue polish show-down in the near future =  we'll see how this measures up to my all time favorite - N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim.

On it's own Sinful Colors Midnight Blue is beautiful - but I wanted to layer Pure Ice Deja Vu over it for the day. I tried every conceivable lighting and camera trick to bring out the purple colour shift in Pure Ice Deja Vu but couldn't get it to happen. In photos Pure Ice Deja Vu looks like a  blue glass-flecked polish but there is a strong and pretty purple colour shift/duo-chrome-ey-ness happening. The formula on Deja Vu was thin; so this is 3 coats layered over Sinful Colors Midnight Blue.

None of my photos have TC, and THANK GOODNESS there is no sun shining today- it is ridiculously hot out and I am hoping it will rain and cool off soon.

okay I lied; this one photo is in the brief amount of sunshine we had today....and the first photo posted also has a bit of sun in it ( i love the sunshine but there has been a bit of a heat wave in my part of the country in the last 2 weeks ..... )

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Marisa said...

Both blues are gorgeous!!! Stunning on you.