Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pure Ice Over You

 Over you from Pure Ice is a dense glitter with 2 sizes of lilac glitter, 2 sizes of teal hex glitter and teal bar glitter.....Today's mani is 2 coats of Over You layered over Lacey Lilac and a coat of TC. I kinda wish there was less lilac glitter in this; it hides the beautiful teal glitter ( less glitter? wtf is wrong with me )

Pure Ice Over You applied perfectly, it's a very dense glitter that dried fast. I am excited to pick up a few of the other glitters from their collection that recently showed up in Canadian walmarts!

I spilled white nail polish all over my hands and parts of my desk, so those aren't dry cuticle you are looking at. Yesterdays mani left major stains on my fingers and cuticles as well - so tonight I am going to take extra care, slather on some serious moisturizer with cuticle oil and possibly some barrier creme for My poor hands.

this is from Pure Ice Saddle me up

 although - it could be from the no-name walmart nail polish remover I am using right now - they did not have the Sally Hansen nail polish remover for artificial nails that I usually buy when I went to the big city..... so I had to buy the walmart brand of remover.......

Here is a few more photos of this beauty -



Gauri said...

I ♥ the mani!

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radmila said...

Hi, love glitter and that lavender color.

If you want we maybe can follow eachother... ;D I'm kind of new in this blogging world so I would appreciate any advice you leave on my blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my! that is one crazy stain!
I had heard from another blogger that they were finally out in stores, but I haven't found them near me as of yet. Hopefully soon~

Born Pretty said...

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Queen of The Lacquer Castle said...

Got this last night and used it to do a manicure that turned out similar to yours. I googled the polish today to see what others have done with it and came across your blog. What a coincidence. Anywho, I use Orly's Lollipop with the Pure Ice and it is fabulous. I also did accent ring fingers with the Lollipop, then one coat of Hard Candy Tinsel Town and then Pure Ice Over you on the tips just like the other American mani fingers. I call it sweet bling.