Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spoiled - Are Mermaids Real?

 No, sorry  -  mermaids are not real. But what is real is how pretty this purple jelly gold fleck polish is. I think this would be pretty layered over any similar hues polish, I chose to wear it alone, 3 coats with base coat ( no TC )

I was super duper happy to spot this at CVS in the U.S.A. along with another Spoiled polish I had my heart set on. the formula was great and it dried fast ---- I am totally impressed that it held up as well as it did, given that I have been rough on my hands and nails lately.

 I wore this through some gardening and outdoors-ey stuff and it held up really, really well. Since I have been trying to avoid any scented products and lotions, my cuticles look ragged and horrible - but my nails are strong and are holding up to gardening, painting, sanding and all sorts of house stuff ---- Normally my natural nails are flimsy and peel, but barely seeing a drop of lotion for the last few weeks has done my actual nails some good.....

Also; I have finally got my Blogloving all sorted out so I can make sure I never miss anyone's posts, and included a blogloving button on my blog. That blogloving is way more conveinent then google reader! I feel so out of the loop and have missed alot but I am catching up!


after yard work and gardening.........

...... and one more


Anonymous said...

woah! I can't believe you can't tell at all that you were busy with a lot of work! No issues in terms of wear. Gotta love when that happens with a polish :)

Anonymous said...

This polish looks amazing!

Melissa said...

I have and LOVE this polish.
Can I just say how much I love that you use lower priced polishes. It is so nice to see ones I can afford and already have. Other than the Canadian only polishes, I have pretty much all the ones you have and can replicate what you do.
Nice job!