Friday, July 19, 2013

Rhinestones and the best black polish......................

When I looked at the profile of my nails I thought; Stegosaurus. Am I right? This mani is 1 coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme, followed by a no-name clear nail polish that I used to adhere these light green resin gems to my nails vertically. I didn't add a top coat which would have secured these for the day - I had some painting/sanding and other house stuff to do. 

The resin gems were purchased at the Dollarama 2 years ago, I used a piece of spaghetti that I licked to pick up the gems and place them on my nails..... I really like this look ---- next time I will be a little more patient with my placement and really adhere these with a thick layer of TC.


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Anonymous said...

ITs funny that you posted this, because I was thinking of asking you which black you thought was the best :)

I actually don't have the WnW one, so have to remember to check that one out.

Anyway I really like the side shot of this. Reminds me of a dinosaurs back :D