Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matte neon dollar store sprinkles and Sinful Colors Timbleberry

For some reason I didn't take an actual, whole 5 nail manicure photo ---- how did i pull that off? I guess I was excited about these neat matte neon glitters that I found at The Dollar Tree. Instead of mixing these into a clear base, I opted to do a glitter sprinkle.  The ratio of glitter here is 3 parts orange, 1 part purple and 1 part blue.

I started with a base of Claire's Matte Grey, when it dried I applied a coat of Pro FX Top Coat, then stuck a fluffy brush into my glitter mix and sprinkled it onto my nail. I applied a coat of TC to seal it all in. I wanted to see what I kind of glitter density I could achieve, so I went buck wild and sprinkled on copious amounts of matte neon glitter to my pinky and ring nail.

 I made a franken with this matte glitter but I prefer the glitter sprinkle method as opposed to an actual franken. dipping a fluffy dry brush into a container of glitter, then sprinkling it onto wet polish seems faster, I am able to achieve more glitter coverage and I can fill in sparse areas just as easily with sprinkling it on.

here is a photo of the package of glitter from The Dollar Tree

 .............. and now there is matte neon glitter all over my nail polishing area, those tiny little baggies of glitter below were not sealed properly, so the glitter leaked everywhere. I thought that I taped them up well but some glitter escaped.

stuff I used

 R- with 1 coat of TC          --         L; immediately after sprinkling

I laid on a seriously thick coat of TC here and so I got the bubbles!

ummmm what's a Timbleberry? I know that there are Thimbleberrys, but I don think that timbleberry's are a real berry ---- anyhoo -- Sinful Colors Timbleberry is a lovely bright reddish coral. 3 coats w/ TC even though this dried extremely shiny on it's own. I forgot about these photo's so I am tacking them along with this matte glitter post.

indoor fluorescent                                                       sunshine

 ..... and now I have to get the vacuum out to suck up all that glitter



JQ said...

That's a neat experiment! I picked up some cheap micro glitters recently for playing with but I never thought to sprinkle them from a fluffy brush so thanks for the idea!

Cuttysark said...

I love your nail polish. Thanks for sharing information about them.

Cheers and hugs,