Sunday, April 17, 2011

WOW! Thanks everyone and Plug Yourself Sunday

1 touch sponging with Franken polish

Whoops! got a late start today ~ please add your nail blog to my comments if I don't already have it in by blog roll, I will add you tomorrow in a new post with a link to your nail blog♥

On my previous post the butterfly nails..... wow! thanks for all the comments. I had seen this a year ago and always kept it in the back of my mind, but since I could not re-create the look 'Phoenix' by NailsyMo, I was bummed out and decided to try the Butterfly Wing look.

I have since re-done the Butterfly nails with some sparkly sponging, but still using the same base colour, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac ~ I will edit those and post this evening. Hopefully everyone found video tutorials on youtube and other fabulous photos using Google Images ( i just typed in Butterfly wing nail art  and found many photos)

One that stands out is by Michelle @ Laquerized.... dang!!!! her monarch butterfly nails are fabulous. Next time I use long artificial nails I am copying this to a  'T'.  have had that photo in my inspiration file for over a year. Even though she isn't posting for now, there is an abundance of nail polish related information on her blog, and is definitively something I recommend everyone check over. I cannot find the specific post on her Monarch Butterfly nails, but if you google search ' Laquerized Nail Blog Butterfly'  many posts will come up with other peoples designs.

Here is a mani I did a week ago, when I was doing my Purple Rain Franken polish series ( I still have post or 2 to add) The base was a the dark shade, and I just dipped a flat piece of a 'sexy car wash' sponge into a lighter polish that I poured onto a piece of tin foil, and placed it on my nail. I got surprising good coverage with just the one 'sponge application' and only had to fill in a few areas new my cuticles.

in the foreground is the sponge I used, one of those peanut shaped sponges and a small piece of tinfoil.


Searing morning sun

Indoor Fluorescent


Hennie said...

Another nice design! I love a bit of sponging!
Thank you for adding new blogs to your blog roll! If you like the look of mine I would love if you add it.
The address is and my blog is pretty new. I aim to have a mix of nail art and swatches x

DLSarmywife said...

oooh what a pretty mani! I tried sponging the other day, with limited success. :( But I think my problem was the sponge. I used a chunk of kitchen sponge. I'm definitely gonna try again with the car wash type sponge!
I've got a blog too, it's not totally nails but there will be plenty more nail posts! My blog is

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! Yeah, everyone's talking about your fantastic version of the monarch nail art, it's really great. <3 I remember Michele's version, I think you did a great job on shorter nails!
This is really pretty, I've never gotten the hang of sponging.
I don't know if my blog is on your blogroll, but my address is: Thanks Dee!

Jess said...

Ooooh this is so pretty! I am a sucker for anything purple!! I never thought of using a car sponge. I use a makeup sponge that came with Halloween makeup lol. Maybe I will try the car sponge. My blog is

Unknown said...

I never thought of sponging all over the nail just once like that, can't wait to experiment with it!
My blog is if you would be kind enough to add me to your roll! Thanks x

Unknown said...

this looks lovely, for some reason i cant do the sponging technique lol but uv done it beautifully
my blog is im a fairly new blogger

Tulip said...

Lovely mani!

I'm new to the blogosphere but I've been doing a lot of reading and learning and decided to take my mani's to the web as well.

Alex said...

I love when you update! I have been wanting to try the sponge technique.

I just started my blog. It was nothing yet as I write this.

Keep up the amazing job!

feedkmayeorchids said...

They look like little dinosaur eggs! So cute!

Carrie said...

Hey, Love your creations, The one with the shiny dots and the butterfly wings, are just too cool!
Here is my blog, its a mix, and I just really started getting into the nail stuff!

thanks for looking! Carrie

Moondancerjen said...

I love how this sponged effect looks! it's so cute!

Olivia Frescura said...

the sponging makes it look like a speckled egg! i bet that would look great with a robin's egg blue and maybe a black or taupe.

Lucy said...

I love the two shades of purple. The sponging technique is really lovely.