Saturday, April 5, 2014

N.Y.C. Top of the Gold

Oh wow! ---- This one is really pretty, too!

1 coat of N.Y.C. Top of the Gold layered over a nude polish. I wasnt sure that the nude base and the gold flakies would look good together = but it turnd out really nice. Top of the Gold is a gold flakie top coat, I found this at walmart Canada for $1.50.

I think this will look amazing over darker polish's and I will definitly be layering this over black in the future. N.Y.C. has 4 new-ish top coats; a matte, a multi-coloured fine glitter, this gold flakie one and a pretty blue and silver sparkle. All four are worth having and I think I'll have to do a N.Y.C. Top coat round up soon.

2 coats of Icing Sandy Beach

Icing Sandy Beach and N.Y.C. Top of the Gold


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Melissa said...

I really like this top coat! I got it a few weeks ago. I played around with it and tested it over a bunch of colors on my nail wheel and I really like how it looked over mint.