Thursday, April 3, 2014

N.Y.C. Disco Inferno Top Coat

Wow---- this surprised me! I didn't think I would get this much glitter coverage out of one coat of N.Y.C. Disco Inferno. This is a multi-sized dark blue and silver glitter top coat. It was easy to apply and dried fast. I layered 1 coat of Disco Inferno over 2 coats N.Y.C. Water Street Blue.

These N.Y.C. polishes have been 2 for $3.00 for years and I am always happy with them when I wear them. They are soooooo in-expensive and I find them to be easy to apply. There is 3 new-ish glitter top coats that I hope to wear this week. If you live in Canada, and want to treat yourself - got to Walmart and splurge! $1.50 for 24 hours of glittery goodness! N.Y.C keeps adding new colours to their In A New York Minute line, and so far every one I have tried has been fabulous.

While it was nice to have shorter nails for a while --- I just don't feel glamorous without my fake nails on. These are trophy-wife length Nails that are discontinued. No-matter how bummy I feel - sitting around the house in paint stained sweat-pants, hair in a bun and no make-up--- I feel like a move star with these things on my hands.

2 coats of N.Y.C Water Street ( no- TC, these dry very shiny )

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