Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neon circle nail art with Kozmic Colours

 This circle nail art has been on my mind since I first saw a photo of it on a blog a loooooooong time ago. I have tried to do this circle nail art by dipping a straw in nail polish then trying to apply it to my nails; but it never worked out. Instead of trying it the same way again I created this look by making my own nail art stickers!

Does anyone know whose nails these are? I have done all sorts of googling and nothing comes up. So if anyone recalls whose hand this is please leave a comment so I can link back to the blog post ~ TIA!

Anyhoo-this photo is a few years old so my memory is fuzzy - but they said they dipped a straw in NP to achieve this look.  I have tried it three times and it always looked terrible - especially on my non-hand-model-hand ~ but I love how this looks so I kept trying.

To do it the D.I.Y. nail sticker way; I applied a coat of clear polish on a zip-lock bag ( any kind of clear storage bag should work --- but I recommend a thicker zip lock freezer bag). When the clear base dried, I dipped plastic drinking straws into different coloured polish's and randomly added these multi-coloured circles.  When the coloured polish circles were dry I applied another thick coat of clear polish over them.

I waited overnight to try and apply these DIY nail stickers to my nails. The base polish is 2 coats of Wet n Wild White --- I cut the nail stickers to fit then gently affixed the DIY nail stickers to my nails. I applied a thick coat of Pro-FX Top Coat. I ended up with some bubbles and weird grey marks on my nails but I am still very happy with how this turned out.

This took way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer then just dipping a straw in polish and applying directly to my nails, but whenever I have tried it that way, it never looks good. So even though this is time consuming and needs perfecting, I like it way better than the alternative.

the orange neon polish is throwing my camera off 

 I thought this would be enough for all 10 nails, but it wasn't! These are long trophy wife nails....

stuff I used

 ........not bad for my first try, a couple of things I will do different is make sure I don't cut the sheet too small, like on my thumb nail, and sit still, I banged my nails up trying to do the nails my other hand. I have no idea where or what those dark marks on my middle nail are. I think this is a neat look and I will be trying it again but with a different colour scheme.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back :) Hope that you've been doing well~

I didn't think of doing it as DIY decals. My nails are so curved that I had problems doing this one as well. Didn't look pretty at all.

And, I saw that picture over at Beautyfiends, but she didn't know the original picture either. I know I tried googleimaging it and it didn't show up. So unfortunate, would have liked to see her other stuff~