Thursday, April 10, 2014

Purple Sponge Kozmic Colours

 I love this creamy pastel purple colour! Today's mani is 2 coats of a lovely light purple Kozmic Colours polish. I sponged on a rich metallic dark purple to the tips of my nails, then lightly brushed a coat of dark purple and silver glitter to the tips of my nails.

stuff i used - I thought that the purple/silver glitter comb was weird, like maybe it should be biger purple hex glitter and not silver...... I only used one coat here but i think if I added a few more coats of this glitter the silver hex's wouldnt feel so random; only 3 or 4 ended up on each nail.

 darker purple polish spnoged on..................

sun......... glorious sun

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Unknown said...

perfect nails, I loved!!