Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zebra nail art & Plug Yourself Sunday

 I did my zebra stripes on the diagional this time :)

I started with a base of a franken I made ' Is This Love ', then made the zebra stripes with with another franken I recently made using stripe polish from The Bragain Shop! and Claire's Matte Cobalt. I ended up with two of the same light blue colour so I figured I should franken it.

I layered 1 coat of Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire on top to smoothe out any of the brush markes and raised areas. I LOVE HOW THIS LOOKS!!!!! BWTMaM is a very sheer baby blue polish with holographic micro-glitter. It is girly and dainty and perfect for layering. I have not added TC in any of my photos. It is way easier to take pictures without Top Coat outdoors in the sunshine.

(ooops; I made the base polish ' Is This Love ', with NYC East Village and Billie Cosmetics French White )

Please leave a link to your nail blog in my comments..... My whole week dissappeared on me and I didnt have time to hunt around the week for new nail blogs to add to my blog roll.

Happy Labour Day - - -hope you enjoy the day off ( if you have it off )!!!

stuff i used; Franken ' Is This Love ', a Stripe Franken and WnW Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

top without Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, bottom 1 coat of WnW Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

okay..... it's not really that sloppy,  but usually my zebra designs don't look so brush-strokey. I had the fan going while I did my nails so my polish was drying as I was applying it.

See how the WNW holographic glitter polish hides all the brush marks and lumpiness - ( well almost ) I love these types of sheer colour wash polishes..... the come in handy to brighten up a boring manicure, or a day old manicure or to help blend out brush marks.


 with the franken I made for the zebra stripes

I made the franken I used for the zebra stripes with a pretty light blue shade of stripe polish =I poured out half then added Claire's Matte Cobalt.

 I love the colour and will probably do a full manicure with it soon.

Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire - a lovely holo glitter light blue jelly base polish

 Miss Cuticle Canada 2011 - 2012 lololooooool


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Maria said...

I love this! It almost looks like (blue) seaweed waving in the ocean currents <3

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xo said...

They look very good!

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Crystal said...

Yes, I really like how that final coat made it look "finished". Bravo!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome. I love this post!

Lindsey R said...

The glitter was a great addition to this manicure!

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Looks amazing!!! Perfect zebra design!:)

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A great mani!!!
I love it!

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Perfect combo, perfect stripes... Definitely, I love it! ;-)

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Am seriously jealous of your talents! This is amazing!

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Gorgeous colors!! love it

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I loved it!! GReat Manicure!

Kiss ^^

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Lady lady!!! Your work blows me away! I love it!


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wow that made a big difference! i love this mani :)

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i love these :) looks really beautiful :3