Sunday, April 24, 2011

Plug yourself Sunday and more Sinful Colors Spotted in Canada

a sampling of the stripe polish I bought at The Bargain Shop in Wienerpeg, MB, shown over 2 coats of Sally Hansen XW in Grey Area. !!!! I am happy I stopped in that store !!!! This is one stroke of each colour, the pink and purple are a little sheer, but easily remedied. There were two sets of colours and I picked this one. ( I did not take a photo of the other set - but it was a summery group of colours - wish i had it, too )

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♥ Happy Easter everyone ♥

The display at The Bargain Shop in Winnipeg Mb ( on McPhillips st.)

Above; the Sinful Colors polish's were $2.98 CAD, the stripe polish's were also $2.98 CAD. The 5 sets were $6.29, many of them were dried out, no problem - they need a little polish thinner. The stripe polish set I bought made me very happy.  ♥

For $4.98 CAD I thought that if the colours were thin and sheer, I could franken them to the colour and consistency I wanted. Very happy & wish I bought the other set which had a pretty orange and green (?, I cant remember what was in the other set... summery fun colours).

the back...

The brush is  actually thinner then the L.A. Colors Art Deco Stripe polish, which was a surprise

and I grabbed Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm.... looked like a sheer lilac with some flash - we'll see.
- NOT ON MY NAILS  - SORRY - I am wearing Sally Hansen X-treme wear in Grey Area

I haven't tried this yet, but I am happy that these are available at some stores in Canada, not the whole collection, but they did ave some very nice new colours in the display at The Bargain Shop.


kelkel said...

Those look like some interesting colors. :)

FOREVER '92 said...

Aruba Rhythm looks gorgeous, hope you swatch it (:

I love the stripper polishes you pick, the colors are fun. I like the fact that the brush is thinner than the L.A. Colors Nail Art brush ^_^

Unknown said...

Good finds today! I also am eager to see a swatch of Aruba Rhythm. Thanks for your blog, and I love plug yourself sundays, I'm from Montreal, but living and posting from London now. Working on my silly nail and burger hybrid project. Would love to get a guest post from you if you're ever interested!

Amber @ My Nail Graffiti said...

I LOVE Sinful Colors, cheap and a good quality polish.
My blog is
Thank you!!

mrsrexy said...

Thx for sharing! I'm gonna have to check out my local Bargain Shop to see if they have them!

Lucy said...

I wish my Dollar Tree would get in some polish. It's been months! They also just had LA Girls for months. Very annoying. I'd buy plenty at the store you were at. Love the manicure with the grey base.

NotesandNails said...

WOW I love that manicure. Gorgeous!!