Thursday, September 8, 2011

Billie Nail Stickers -

Although these are very pretty - I found them extremely difficult to apply. They are very thin I thought I could peel them off of the clear backing and apply them - but each little sticker needs to be cut out and applied to the nail. I give them an 8 out of 10 in level of difficulty.

The wrinkles are very visable if you get up close - but overall for $1.29 I cant really complain. There was quite an assortment of styles at my local dollar store; but I think I will stick to regular nail stickers from now on.

I applied just Clear polish to my Index and ring nail..... the rest of my nails were Nailene TC. I think that a coat of irridescent glitter over my entire nail would be good for this mani - but after the troubles I had I just left them as is.

Also - Sally Hansen WTF????? - where are my drug store duo-chrome / irridescent/prismatic collection? There is no way that a drugstore brand cant put out a line EXACTLY like this in the near future

nail stickers from the dollar store

for stickers this thin - cut out each sticker and roll onto the nail.

before TC

 my index and ring are just clear polish - middle and pinky are Nailene TC



Maria said...

There are some good drugstore duochromes!

Wet n Wild has Gray's Anatomy

and CQ has some really nice, really strong duochrome effect polishes that are so cheap!! Rustic Dream is my favorite, but there are no good online swatches that show the red/gold duochrome... hmm maybe I'll have to swatch it!

Alex said...

I wish Sally Hansen would bring back some of their old stuff!!
I like the nail stickers.. They reminds of a stamping design!


Unknown said...

They are really cute!!
You're lucky to find such great things in your store!

Unknown said...

They are really cute!!
You're lucky to find such great things in your store!

Polish AMOR said...

I like this a lot, great way to add some art :)

xo said...

I think I'd Konad a design like that rather than use stickers. I've always found they pissed me off more than made my nails pretty lol.

DOPE Beauty said...

I love this blueeeee~:Z Lovely designs:!:D

Kay said...

I despise tricky stickers. Too bad these are so much trouble. The design is really lovely. Pretty nail color too.

Anonymous said...

The sticker is such a great design!

Stopdidine said...

cute design

Kejal Shah said...

It is cute..though u can see the wrinkles..M sure at hands length ther arent visible.

Super Cute Super Easy said...

WOW! It looks amazing! I want it too:D

NailPolishEpicness said...

How in the world did I miss this post?! So pretty =]

Polish Vixen Marisa said...

Good Review!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO