Friday, September 23, 2011

LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds

 2 coats of WnW Black with 2 coat of LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds w/ Matte TC

 Wet n Wild Black creme is a one-coater for me, but I used 2 today. I added 2 coats of LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds; carefully fishing out some of the larger hex glitter. It dried fast and leveled out surprisingly well considering I blobbed it on in some areas. I added a coat of TC to finish off this look.

The photo above is 1 coat of Claire's Matte Top Coat.



Kay said...


Unknown said...

I've made some awesome frankens with this! It is so pretty :)

Alex said...

ooo!! This is super pretty!


Anonymous said...

So pretty!

julyana e Camila said...

olá, seu blog e lindo,essas cores são lindas estou te seguindo,me segue.tchau.