Thursday, June 30, 2011

a pretty teal mani & some new blogs

This was 2 coats of Billie cosmetics Aqua, a sponging if wet n Wild Teal of Fortune, and a coat of an un-named Icing teal glitter. I added 1 coat of Top Coat, which was shocking because usually when I have worn these Icing nail polish glitters, they are un-believably textured and grainy and I need 2 coats of Top coat..... weird. I could have been that I applied the TC immediately after sponging on the Wn'W polish

I have lagged behind with my posting of manicures and nail art this month, I also didn't do as many 'new blogs' posts..... I have tried to work through my un-trieds and many of them are boring colours or polish's that I have swatched and posted before..... not really worth a blog post. I am busy in the evenings doing crafty things and making jewelery.

I have almost 800 blogs on my blog roll! WOW!!!! even though some of them are in-active, there is still alot of pretty photos to look at , and hundreds of ideas to look through on a rainy day

 some new nail blogs I added and tried to follow..... seriously i don't know whats up with Google. i have had to redo my profile and information twice and it isn't sticking.... Hopefully everything will go back to normal..... so they can change everything again, lol.

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nail xchange
 who gave us this magical awe-inspiring photo on MUA that i whined about for 3 hours last month

this is in toronto somewhere - i can see a bottle of Sally hansen nail prisms diamond ( the awesome layering holographic poloish) sitting on the top of the closest bin to the left. seriously - this is my franken-polish heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a few more photos of this mani. I cracked my index nail in half, shoddily glued it back on a camouflaged it with a sponging and glitter! I had crafty plans for the evening and didn't want to stop to fix 1 nail.....

Billie Cosmetic's Aqua, WnW Teal of Fortune, Icing Teal Glitter

with sponging, i wanted both colours to be visible. I call this Cadbury mini-eggs sponge technique

with glitter before TC - check out how grainy and rough this is!


JeeZ TrendZ said...

This is really cute! blue is my favorite color and this is such a nice shade with three layers!

I just noticed we have similar names to our blogs! I didn't even notice that until now!!!

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

Oh my goddd all those cheap cheap polishes!! WANT!

Love the teal and really love the sponging effect on it under the glitter, really adds to it:)

Lindsey R said...

Thanks for the link!:) And holy crap that mountain of nail polishes... franken-polish heaven indeed!

nailXchange said...

Haha, I must say that when I took the photo of the mountain of nail polish, I didn't realize I'd cause anyone on MUA to be upset about it. I'm sorry. I just wanted my girls to go get 'em!

Good news is that, even though this place closed down, I do know another one that sells 2 for $1 old Sally Hansen nail polishes, for those interested.

Hannah J said...

Thanks for putting my blog up there:D It means alot! I love the blue color and that photo is any girls DREAM!!!! I would love do have that where I am.

Anonymous said...

Holy nail polish!!!!

Gottwinkies said...

OK...first...funfunfun mani!! I love those colors. and saecond...OMG I need to visit Toronto! not that I probably Ever will...but OH!!!!

Maartje said...

OMFG, why is Toronto so far away for me? *snifs*

You mani looks amazing!

Hannah J said...

I know I already commented on this but I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for some awards!:)

Littleloveroze said...

thnx for the link :D
and those nailpolish i wanna buy <3 it is heaven hihi

Anonymous said...

!! Where in Toronto is this?? I live in Toronto and would buy polishes by the box at 4 bottles per dollar.

Please check me out :) at

Bailey said...

thanks for the shout out!

I would love to "swim" around in those polish buckets!