Friday, June 10, 2011

more orange manis's, garage sale finds & polish thinner

I started with Claire's Dreamsicle, then sponged on 3 bright neon creme polish's. I added matte top coat; didn't like it, then added a shimmery micro-glitter franken.One of the polish's I used - Claire's Neon Burst, is impossible to photograph, it is a super duper bright neon is a photo from a previous mani

on all my nails except my pinky - I layered Claire's Neon Burst over white. My pinky  nail is just 3 coats of Neon Burst

The polish i used for this mani.....
Claire's Dreamsicle, Claire's Neon Burst, Icing no name orange shimmer, Claire's frosty orange mini

Oh now I remeber why this is at the back of my deez-elmer...... This polish; Claire's Dreamsicle is sheer, needs 4 or 5 coats and bubbled like crazy the last time I wore it. It is a pretty colour but after seeing it at 2 coats I decided to sponge on some bright orange creme's

this is what I started with; Claire's Dreamsicle 2 coats - no TC

here is a waaaaaaaaay better photo of this pretty polish
{ with bubbles lol }

and finally some garage sale success!I hardly ever find polish at garage sales so I am a happy girl

 Nicole Fresh Squeezed, WnW Virtual nails in Virtual Diamond ( never heard of virtual nails before) SH Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion, and NYC Big Money.

I'm not really a fan of Nicole or OPI polish, but for 50 cents I couldn't pass that up. The other three polish's were 10 cents! Yippee ♥♥♥

....and I finally bought polish thinner, fixed up a few polish's and have almost a whole bottle left!

This matte top coat from Maybelline was almost un-useable so I had to add polish thinner......

I had to add alot of polish thinner to this; the darker area is the actual top coat, and the clear area between the green lines is polish thinner.

I picked up Beauty Secrets acetone, and beauty secrets Nail Polish Thinner the last time I visited Sally's beauty supply. I have fixed-up 15 or more polish's and I still have 3/4 of the bottle. I am sure that this will last me a lifetime.

so I fixed this Maybelline TC; but this mani did not look good matte

... and one more mani; very rarely seen on my blog is orange polish. I rarely wear orange so I rounded up all my orange polish, threw them in a basket and am on a mission to wear them all.

I only have 2 Mavala polish's. The formula on both is great. This is a medium burnt orange creme shade that needs 3 or more coats to full opacity. I actually wore this for a whole day plain.... but added the dots just before I took it off.

2 coats of Mavala #72 Nice, no TC

... and some dotting practice


paint that nail said...

All of the manicure's you did are so cute! Love the colors as well as nail polish thinner! It is Fantastic how it can fix a bottle of nail polish with in seconds! =D

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

How fun to look at all the things you do to make your manis. I actually do like the matte one.

Anonymous said...

you make orange look like the most wearable colour everr
love the dotting!

Lucy said...

Orange was never my favorite shade. Your making me really like it.

Gottwinkies said...

How fun! I never see polishes at garagle sales! I almost bought NYC Big Money last night...wonder how it stamps? or even how opaque it is? I love the oranges, btw