Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LA Colors Lolipop ~ wow this polish is a dollar?

This is 2 coats of LA Colors Lollipop layered over Sally Hansen Chrome Mayan Ruby with a coat of TC. These LA Colors polish's are available at the Dollar Tree & family Dollar USA for $1 USD, and in Canada at 'Only Deals' discount stores and some of The Bargain Shop's for $1.50 to $2.00 CAD. I think these are still on sale at cherry culture for $1.50

LA Colors Lollipop is a shimmery pink shade that need 4 to 5 coats to get to the bottle colour, so when I have worn this ~ I layer it.

below - 2 coats of SH Chrome Myan Ruby

center; 2 coats of Myan Ruby, on the left & right is 1 coat of Lollipop layered

SH Chrome Myan Ruby & LA Colors Lollipop

indoor flourescent

evening sun


Unknown said...

Luv it! My dollar store has tons of these, I haven't picked any up yet but I think I will now next time i'm there.

Snappy said...

Aw hell! I guess I'm heading to Dollar Tree today! Luckily we have giant DT since they're HQ'd locally.

Dominika z said...

I really like nail from La Colors. I bought it in England by 1 pound.

s. said...

Hello! I just came across your blog today and the first few pages are awesome. I love finding cheap polishes like claires and ardenes but never thought to layer over white to get a better colour. Also, I'm so happy to see you're from Brandon. I'm from Winnipeg! I go to UofM :)

Snappy said...

BTDubs, I tagged you for an award :). If you got it already please forgive me!

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

First off I have to say I love your blog! I love your DIY methods and your affordable polish choices:) So many of your ideas inspire me to try more ideas!

Now onto the actual blog piece:D I love this colour and I love it with the chrome!! Oh I havent had a chrome polish in so long and now I must invest in one again!!

Lucy said...

This brand is the only one Dollar Tree has anymore. They haven't had anothe brand since the beginning of the year. I'm so annoyed with them. Tried 3 other DT and the same! I won't take it out on your manicure. It looks wonderful.