Friday, June 17, 2011

Billie cosmetics Mauve & stripe mani

I didn't want to remove this mani; it is so pretty! I have gotten so much use from that silver glitter stripe polish, it has saved the day ( or I should say - saved my mani ) so many times.

I started with a base of Billie Cosmetics Mauve ( whaaaaaat?  this is flourescent purple, no where close to mauve ), then applied a piece of green painters tape that I cut to size to the center of my nail and added the black polish at the base of my nails and Sally Hansen Moonstone chrome to the area at the tips of my nails. 

When I removed the tape there were some polish 'mistakes' so I traced the line with LA Colors Art Deco silver stripe polish.

Also; just in case anyone is curious.,.... all my computer issues were due to NOT HAVING THE NORTON ANTIVIRUS WORKING!!!! Even though I had installed it onto my computer - it didnt 'take' and so my computer has been exposed to who knows what for over 6 months. But so far nothing bad has been found and my computer is fine today. So even though there is tonnes of horrible internet virus's out there - nothing has got to me even though I had NO protection. I find that bizarre as there is always reports on the news about this virus and that trojan thing..... Thank goodness everything is cool. 

Hopefully I can start following people with deez nailz..... and not miss potato head below

now I have to figure out who I followed with my other blogger account!

anyhoooooooooooooooooo- back to the polish

 This polish is a flourescent matte; this is 3 coats with no TC

before glitter

SH Moonstone chrome, Billie Mauve, and black stripe polish

~ with glitter ~


Nail Designs xox said...

This is stunning!!!

KarenD said...

Very nice! And yeah, Billie has a very odd idea of what Mauve is. :)

Minty said...

Lol, "mauve"
I love this look!

Unknown said...

Love this mani!

Alaina said...

You always have such clean lines! I really need to do more nail art like this, it's so pretty. :) Just a heads up that I tagged you with the Top 10 award on my blog, you can fill it out if you'd like.

Lucy said...

I could never do the manicures your come up with. I just don't have any ability with nail art. I'll just enjoy the hell out of yours!