Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wavy Gravy & Plug Yourself Sunday

 I have been meaning to try this look for a few months now. I started with the same base of Copper artificial nails then traced the black area with black striping polish, then filled it in with Wet n Wild Black Creme, then used Stripe Rite Copper Glitter Striping polish for the wavy area. VERY EASY.

This Stripe Rite Glitter is a Hooongry glitter - I went over the glitter area twice resulting in a textured surface which would require more TC then a regular manicure. I did not do a proper clean-up with acetone around my cuticles as i planned on adding another thicker coat of TC for the day.

OOPS! I got a late start today - as always, please leave your blog address in my comments so I can add you to my blog roll

Also; this is the 6th time in 2011 that I have spilled nail polish! This has rarely happened to me...............

Outline the wave & trace around nail. Fill in with WnW Black Creme, Add Glitter and a coat of Top Coat


Wow - these stripe polish's from the Bargain shop ( Canada ) are really good!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the plug!

I'm at

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Toyomi said...

Love it ! (: Very inventive.

Olivia said...

Love it and love the name! Wavy gravy...hahaha.

My blog is

thanks! xoxo

TheSwatchingSprite said...

Ya know, I'm not going to lie... I feel like it has only been the past several months that I've been fighting with hungry glittery polishes. Its like they've all come out for and up and up war! I WILL defeat them! :-P

My blog can be found at

Enjoy the last little bit of the weekend remaining! Hopefully you are having better weather where you are!

Unknown said...

Very funky mani! I was sitting at a terribly long graduation ceremony and showed the pics to my family - they all enjoyed it. I JUST started my own blog with a law school classmate and appreciate that you support new bloggers!

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Minnie said...

Soooo cool!! I love the colour combo:D Sorry you spilt the nail polish:p

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

I love everything about this mani :) I'll try to recreate it myself :)

parenting articles said...

it looks so lovely and so are your other nail arts:)

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Miki said...

Dont you just love finding H.G.'s at the bargin shops??? Its the best feeling!! I feel like going clubbing with the gold and glitter..with black you can never go wrong!

Lucy said...

I love the name and the design.