Monday, May 23, 2011

New Blog Monday &Sally Hansen Brown Chrome & Rusty Ballz

I know there is another name for this older Sally Hansen Chrome polish. I have hunted around on the internet for the correct name but cannot find it. It is a brown chrome from the discontinued Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Make-up collection

3 coats with Top Coat { sun }

indoor flo

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Pet fur in our polish

Clever and Colorful 

... and now the sad stuff  = THESE WERE BAD BALLZ!

 It says steel on the bottle, so I thought they would be fine. But they rusted in a few of my polish's

You really do need quality STAINLESS STEEL BB's for polish bottles

I bought these a few years ago and only added them to a few franken polish's.  I did not ruin any franken polish's that I couldn't re-make again. I did add these to some polish's that I had to throw away, thankfully I had back-ups of those.

Below is these same BB's in various clear polish's.

The smoothe silver ball came from a Sally Hansen bottle, and the 2 rusty balls are the walmart BB's that had been in a clear sally Hansen polish bottle. This was approximately 6 months later. When I repeated this recently these balls began rusting within days.

The top bottle has the rusty walmart balls, and the bottom bottle has the original Sally Hansen ballls

I placed these balls in clear Billie Cosmetics polish for 6 months = RUST!!!


PolishGalore said...

I had no idea that the ballz could rust! I use Daisy pellet ballz, and I don't see anything about stainless steel. Yikes!

KarenD said...

Very informative! I've heard of the importance of stainless steel balls but have never seen the reason demonstrated so clearly.

Snappy said...

Rusty bawlz are a bad thing, grrr. But it's fun to say! Thanks for the shout-out of our fledgling blog!

Courtney said...

I just looked at some of my franken polishes and some of mine are rusted inside. Which brands do you recommended? My bb's say stainless steel and are the Daisy brand.

Unknown said...

thanks for the shout out! I'm following you now, great blog! also, wow, rusty balls no doubt! good to know tho

Anutka said...

Love the color!

And thanks for the experiment with the BBs, now I have to try it too. I never thought they would do that :S

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for putting my blog up here hehe read your stuff all the time it's great :)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Wow, that's some serious rust! Thanks for the info and photos.

PM said...

aww!!! i didn't know they could rust and ruin ur polishes :(!!

Lucy said...

I had no idea that these would rust that fast. Good to know.

Unknown said...

Hi there! I'm compiling a Pinterest board of all the polishes I own and I came across your SH Chrome. I own the color and the name is BRONZE CHROME. Hope that helps. I love this color. I wear it all summer long. I LOVE how fast it dries. I also have the AQUA CHROME.