Monday, May 2, 2011

New Blogs & ...... an easy 3 colour diagional

2 coats of Sally Hansen Applause, and 2 coats each of Rimmel Climax & Sinful Colors I Love You. I cut a thin strip of a mailing label and applied it diagonally tho the center of my nail, then added the Rimmel, and Sinful polish. I applied 1 coat of TC but I could still see and feel the ridge left by the polish. Normally I 'squish' this down gently with my finger before TC, but this time I did not.

 Here are a few new blogs, and a few that were not on my blog roll, but I followed..... Sometimes blogger does not let me follow people and I have to re-log in 5 or 6 times.... whats up with that?

glazed talons

mad manis


the polish parade

box of polish

bellas lacquer box


lilly faerie-nail-obsession

pretty ninja



haute lacquer

nail art encasa

my nail graffiti

frostbite alley

lately im obsessed with

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Applause - a lovely foil lilac polish that dried very fast - it is awesome.  I know I had sen this on the shelf at the store for 4 or 5 years and never grabbed it. I am glad I did because these are being dis-continued.

I cut up some mailing labels and used these as a guide for the other 2 colours of polish I added.


Amanda said...

Thank you for promoting Mad Manis! We followed :)

Natalie said...

thanks again for "plugging" my blog,AND for following me too!

This mani is so gorgeous! Anything lilac or purple,get's my vote!

Lucy said...

Love all those shades of purple. Pretty manicure.

Veronica said...

Very cute! (From a fellow Canadian blogger!)

Definitely Addicted said...

I love the mani... great colors!

Thank you for posting my blog :D

Chelle said...

Thanks for posting my blog! As soon as I get a chance, I'll check out all the other blogs. :)