Monday, December 20, 2010

2 snowey looks with Sally Hansen Candy Lace

franken w/ Fing'rs nail art paint & S.H. Candy Lace

so this is supposed to be icicles, anti-gravitational icicles, because the blue base polish is a sky blue, and they really are hanging off of nothing...... Whatever, just go with it lol!

2 thin coats of a franken I made with Wet n' Wild Blue Sapphire and white - seriously; Wet n' wild frankens turn out the best! I used Billie White which encapsulated all the shimmer in Wet n Wild Blue Sapphire. An added bonus to that is in Canada they are like 2 bucks each ( in USA .99 cents ) but many of th colors I have mixed up turned out lovely.

so; I started drawing vertical lines with the fing'rs nail art strip polish, then filled in the areas.... I had to go over 3 times to get the look I wanted. I know this would work out lovely with white nail polish and a fine brush ( thats for another day).

filled it all in, fixed up some sparse areas....

added 2 coats of Sally Hansen Candy Lace


I wanted to add this polish to my must haves, because I really love it - but I do not have any great photos of it. I love all the irregular sized chunks of flecks in it.... It is a perfect rendition of those big fluffy globs of snow that sometimes fall.

This is is 3 thin coats of Sally Hansen Candy Lace layered over a VERY sheer Icing LE no-name.

3 coats of Icing no-name sheer grey shimmer

w/ 3 coats of ally Hansen Candy Lace


jaljen said...

Beautiful blue. Beautiful grey. Thanks for your advice. I'm going to persist and improve.

Megan Harmeyer said...

LOVE the blue! The white/ice over top is awesome. I wish my nails were longer so I could try this for Christmas.

tasha~ said...

Brrrr...Love the cold icy colors!

Lucy said...

I'm shivering just looking at your nails. Lovely and chilly manicures.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

That blue is an amazing franken!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool idea! I use this stuff called liquid palisade whenever I make designs! It's like taping before painting and its awesome!! You can do all kinds of designs like this one easily! Just thought I'd share with all of you! Check it out at

T-Rex said...

Where did you get that Candy Lace from? Any idea when it was produced and/or discontinued? My eBay search revealed nothing. :-(