Saturday, December 18, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen Red Carpet w/ Lancone Snob Too ♥

3 thin coats of a pretty taupe with golden micro-shimmer from Lancome Called Snob Too, I have literally had this forever, it's one of those mini Vernis Absolute polish's that you get when you purchase products from Lancome. I estimate this to be approximately 13 years old, if not a year or two older. I used the fabulous Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Red Carpet, sponged diagonally on the tips. Of all the red-jelly-golden-glass-flecked reds I have, THIS IS THE BEST!

I will be doing a Top 20 ( a la' MUA on my blog very soon and S.H. Red Carpet is on it )

Red Carpet is a Jelly Finish with glass flecks, I reccomend sponging with CREME polish's, becuase they offer the most coverage, there is a lot of thin spots in this mani, but I really wanted to wear this polish.

This ended up looking like I clawed a bunch of people during Christmas shopping sales, I had something else in mind when I picked out these two polish shades to combine. Every time I wear Red Carpet, the glints of gold in the glass-flecks mess up my ability to focus my camera = does anyone else have that problem?

below- Lancome Snob Too; 3 thin coats

(= everything old is new again =)
So; I started off with 3 coats of Snob Too -  this is probably the most colour accurate photo

I sparingly slapped on some of the red carpet, making sure to add it thinly -and- in a jagged line with the polish brush right outta the bottle.

I brushed Red Carpet from the jagged line, making sure that the polish did not 'pool' anywhere, and not laying it on two thick.

I sponged over the jagged line, and used the polish brush to add more of the Red Carpet from the sponged area tot he tips of my nails.

Finally I sponged over my whole nail with the Red Carpet, slowly filling in any sparse areas.

... with Top Coat  ( I smacked my ring nail into my desk - dang! )

Here the texture of the sponging is very evident

and after a coat of Nailene Top Coat

indoor florescent


Rachel Marie said...

This came out really lovely! You have some amazing mani's.

Erika said...

I am in awe of your creativity with your manicures.

Glitters and glass flecks and so forth freak my camera out. lol

Unknown said...

This is awesome. And Lancome "Snob" is gorgeous!"

sabbatha said...

Did you kill someone?;D

jaljen said...

Loving the Lancome. And I'm definitely thinking bloodthirsty!

cathryn said...

what kind of sponge did you use?

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

oh wow!! so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

i like snob! and i'm not even much of a neutral person