Saturday, July 24, 2010

Naturistic's Ruby Reflection & an older mani i never posted

Naturistic's Super Chrome in Ruby Reflection 2 coats -  NO Top Coat

Whew - my week slipped away on me and I am behind in my posts- Here a few older mani's I did not post for whatever reason. Does anyone else in Canada find 'Indulge in Beauty' polish's at their Walmart in their towns? For the price of $2.83 CAD, there are some pretty polish's, but I would avoid the glass flecky ones becuase they did not dry fast enough for me.

Here is the PAGE with Bottle shots of those cute mini polish's - I will be converting those PAGES to posts soon so people can comment, as requested.

♥♥♥ Have a great weekend ♥♥♥

I think I planned to do a look with this vibrant pink chrome polish, but ended up taking it off before I got to it. This is a gorgeous pink polish...... it dried ridiculously fast! The brush on these is a little sparse, but workable. There is not alot of swatches of these Naturistic's Super Chrome's, many of them a dead on dupes for the old Sally Hansen Chrome polish's, they are made at the same place.

Further in the post is a very pretty shimmery gunmetal polish from Indulge in Beauty, the Walmart Mini's. I didn't get any outdoor sunshine photos of that one, but a few months ago the Winner's store ( T.J. Maxx ) had Nubar cuticle oil, as well as a whole shelf of the China Glaze Wizard of ooh Oz collection


Shade with Flash


Indulge in Beauty Gunmetal from the Desert Diva Trio ( from Walmart Canada )

I think I didn't post this because my nails were growing out, there is quite a bit of space between my false nail and the new growth my my natural nail. There is quite a difference between this photo and the photo above ( Ruby Reflection mani ). This close up photo really shows the amount of growth and I have to add that when my nails end up like this they are super easy to paint with very little cleanup ♥.

Nubar @ Winner's-  I didn't buy anything = it's neat to see different brands showing up in stores.

Does anyone else in Canada find these mini Indulge in Beauty polish's at their local Walmart?

Indoor fluorescent - 3 thin coats with 2 coats of T.C.

5 comments: said...

Nice colours (^_^)

Reese said...

OMG I love the Chrome polish! It's stunning!

tasha~ said...

I actually have Indulge polishes... but I never used them and they dried up lol! I used the bottles for frankens

Unknown said...

Love the chrome finish!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Becky - Thanks!

♥ Reese - Thank you, these dry super fast.

♥ tasha - I originally bought these to franken with but loved alot of the colours

♥ Thanks!