Tuesday, July 13, 2010

♥ Franken X 3 with Claire's 'Hollywood' ♥

In no way shape or form am I comparing these 3 frankens to China Glaze Atlantis..... I just whipped these up one day and decided to name them after lost cities.

I made all three of these with Claire's Hollywood, a lovely multi-sized holographic glitter, and three fabulous Wet n' Wild polish's that ARE ON SALE RIGHT IN A DISPLAY AT MY TOWNS WALMART AT 2 FOR $2.00 CAD. This is a good time to stock up as I have made sooooooo many fabulous frankens with these Wet n' Wild polish's and just white or other colours in the Wet n' Wild core collection. When I spotted these in the display rack they were almost all sold out, just a  few pinks and clear.

I have applied 2 coats of each glitter franken over 2 coats of N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim. When i was certain it was dry ( or close to it ) i applied a rediculously thick coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

L to R - w/Blue Sapphire,  w/ Caribbean Frost, w/ Bijou Blue, and alone =  all 2 coats each


uhhhhhhh....ummm indoor fluorescent?
Left to Right- 

Claire's Hollywood -  A fabulous multi-sized holographic Glitter

Wet n' Wild  Blue Sapphire a gorgeous must have shimmery blue

Franken -  Lyonesse -  Another mythical city that sank beneath the Oceans (from wiki )

Wet n' Wild Caribbean Frost -   A sheer but very pretty greenish frosty teal (I have never worn this for a full mani ? what??? This needed like 3 coats to get to the opaque bottle colour,

Franken - Bimini Road, which is Claire's Hollywood with Wn'W Caribbean Frost, this frost polish is not ideal for the jelly-ish base that a glitter polish requires, but it still turned out pretty.

Wet n' Wild Bijou Blue - A lovely shimmery light blue, needs 3 coats to opacity. I have not done a full mani with this either..... Really?

Franken - Bjaramand - another lost city


I have made alot of awesome frankens with these 3 Wet n' Wild polish's I think I need to do a round up post of all the frankens I have made - yep, I do.

Here is a  few more photos - I think I will be adding some of that awesome Dollarrama Glitter (or The Dollar Tree glitter for people in the US ) to these in their respective shades. Just that tiny bit of coloured polish in the clear base of Claire's Hollywood made a big difference, and I think having glitter that matches the base colour of the polish I used will really add alot to these glitter frankens.

Also did you know there is a fan page on FB for the Dollar tree? -  Thats friggen awesome also there is tonnes of blogs and websites for people who make cool stuff and find awesome things there, too. The dollarama FB fan pages aren't so spectacular - but it is an awesome store with cool goodies, too.

Anyhoo - here is a few more photos - along with the box of nails I am wearing right now. I took a tonne of photos on the application of these 'Couture' false nails = and that will be my next post.

These are the next nails I will be putting on...........


Thumb - N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim



Marie said...

So pretty! I really like how your frankens look! :D

Biba said...

Oh, I love glitter... These are awesome!

amusedPolish said...

i love those frankens :D

Supersparklekitty said...

I think your frankens are friggin awesome!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

As beautiful as Lemuria!!! ;)

Damn nice!

Anonymous said...

This is probably a silly question, but are all of your nails fake?? Do you apply a new set everytime you re-paint? Which brand do you prefer?

lily said...

Wow! Beautiful frankens! So glittery...:)

Supersparklekitty said...

I want to try the Nailene's or maybe Kiss nails instead of the acrylics I am used to. I calculated it,and realized it would be much more cost-effective for me to spring for the drugstore stuff,rather than go to my manicurist for fills every two weeks. I believe the Nailene's are recommended use for up to ten days. So I could save some money doing my own.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Marie - Thanks, this is the easiest type of franken to make.

♥ Biba - Thanks - these turned out really pretty

♥ Amused Polish - Thanks!

♥ Starlight - Thanks - I love these

♥ Kimberly - Thanks What's Lemuria? I'll Google it......

♥ Anonymous - Yep, those are fake - The brand I prefer is Nailene 200 count active square, and sometimes I apply an older Fing'rs Brand longer length artificial nail. I DO paint these and I Do use polish remover on these a s well. I will be doing a post on applying un painted un- decorated Nailene False nails very soon.

Thank you for writing I have been a lazy bunz in regards to doing a tutorial on applying un painted and un decorated false nails and hope to finish up by Sunday night.

♥ Lilly - thanks this was really easy just use a non frosty polish to add to your glitter base

♥ Danica - I think that these were older and I found them on the 10 items for $10 dollars shelf at my local Claire's store

♥ Starlight - The 200 box of Nailene active nails ( the shorter nail I wear ) is $8.99 in Canada, and I can easily get at least 17 full sets out of it.... I change my nails approxamitly every 8 to days becuase i do change my polish often and I am very hard on my hands doing crafty things and making jewelery and such.

The NP remover will weaken them eventually. I can sometimes get 5 to 8 full polish changes from each set but strive to stretch my manis by doing nail art or adding some other embellishment to stretch my manicures. plus, thats fun to add things to my manis.

I do break/bend some nails so I need to replace them, as well as many of my nails are the same size meaning I use up 1 size that is available in each box much faster than others.... Nailene has several sizes that are very similar to what most peoples nails sizes are........ so if I do a little filing I can get at least 17 sets out of a box of 200 -

I am estimating on the 17 sets of nails, but I will doo some better math when I do my big Nailene un-painted nails post.

The left over nails ( the ones that are too big or two small which are pinkys & thumbs) I use a glue gun to attach them to some foam board I buy at Walmart or dollar store and use these to paint swatches instead of nail wheels ( which nail wheels are ridiculously expensive up here or cost too much to ship )

So for under 10 bucks I get at least 17

I will be doing a post on applying the un painted un decorated false nails soon ( I hope to have it up by Sunday p.m.)