Saturday, July 17, 2010

♥ IMPORTANT = Replacing a False Nail ♥

OMG - not IMPOTENT = = =  IMPORTANT good greif....  I can't believe I did not notice that, I need a proof reader so I can stop embarrasing myself.

above - the nail I am replacing... there is nothing really wrong with it. I have been making jewelery in the evenings and have alot of scrapes and scratches on the surface of my nail, ( left corner) and there is a tiny bit of lift towards my cuticle from PICKING AT STUFF AND USING MY NAILS AS TOOLS which really, if you want to have beautiful nails ( real and artificial ) do not use your nails as tools!

 I suppose I should start calling them artificial nails, but false is faster to type......

In my previous post I showed how I apply false nails, below is an informative post on how I remove my false nails using the acetone drip method. If you need to remove your false nails fast, you can always soak your nails in a bowl of acetone.... however I prefer this as it seems to work fast and is less messy than the acetone soak method. Ideally, soaking your nails in warm soapy water AFTER a shower is the most gentle safe method to remove your false nails, but this is fast, easy, safe for your nails, cuticles and fingertips and uses way less acetone♥

Below; Stuff I use, a small angled brush, made by cutting a cheap dollar store brush bristles on an angle, acetone, which I pour into the cap of the acetone bottle, a non linty type of  cloth if you can get it or paper towels... PROTECT YOUR WORK SURFACE === acetone will eat through the finish on furniture! Tin foil is a good way to protect your work surface.

Here I have dipped the brush into the acetone and am allowing it to drip along the base of my nail, It will eventually eat through the glue and the false nail, helping to loosen the glue from my natural nails, as well as loosen the glue from the false nail.

You can start at any area of your nails, if you happen to have a false nail that is lifting from the sides of the nail ( my favirote ) then you should try to have the acetone drip into this area, I find that it is a safer for me to have the acetone drip from the base of my nail, then wedge something in between my real nail, and my false nail. And the base of false nails is alot thinner, making the removal alot faster by starting in this area

Here after a short amount of time, the false nail is beginning to lift away from the natural nail. I wedge a  NON SHOP OBJECT in this area, so I can more easily get the acetone in between my real nail and the artificial nail.

Because the base of artificial nails is alot thinner than the tips of artificial nails, this makes this area a better candidate for removal, in the photo below the acetone has eaten through the false nail, as well as the glue. The base of the false nail is gummy, gooey and pliable. ( the lighter area at the base of my nail ) I GENTLY  try to pry and break this area apart - NO SCRAPING or tugging. This process does not take long and it will be easier to get acetone to other areas of the nail surface.

See, that didn't take long. I am wedging the plastic cuticle pusher in between the false nail and my natural nail. This makes it easier to get the acetone into this area.

Here is a better photo of this in action

Ta-da - There is still some gooey glue and false nail remnants on my natural nail. Now all I have to do is swipe acetone across my nail, either using the angled brush, or paper towel or these fancy lint free gun cloths. Paper towel works just fine.

ewwwe - remnants of glue, the false nail, and the rough surface of my natural nails

an assortment of files.

I usually have my nails naked for at least 2 days a month, I take note of any weirdness ( never had any ) and use this time to do heavy duty around the house stuff, or do some crafty paint projects, move furniture around, and so and so.... Anytime you remove false nails there will be some glue and false nail bits stuck to your nail, you can buff that out with a sanding block or buffing block, or by using fine multi-grit nail files.

The sanding block below - IS MY FAVORITE SANDING BLOC i HAVE EVER OWNED I bough 3 at the Dollar-rama like 2 years ago and have not seen them since! They are awesome as it is a hard six sided plastic base with long lasting sanding paper, the one I have been using has lasted a long, long time. It is easy to hold, and the grit has remained gritty for a long time.

Here is my natural nail after removing the previous nail glue and buffing out any raised areas. Having a bit of roughness to the nail, will actually help the glue adhere better to your natural nail, you do not have to wash your hands of your natural nail dust, I find that when I roughen up the surface of my natural nail, and leave that nail dust, the glue adheres much better to my natural nail, helping my false nails stay on longer. I will do a natural nail post in the next month or so - showing the removal of artificial nails, buffing out my natural nails, and painting my natural nails = I think it will be a nice informative post♥

I shape a false nail to match the shape of my natural nail.
Just like in my previous post on applying false nails

Here is a fuzzy action shot of me applying nail glue to my natural nail

This is the amount of glue I used. I pressed the false nail for approximately 25 seconds, just to be sure there is good adhesion between my natural nail and the false nail.

The new nail, glued on. This time  did not have any glue seepage, though I do have a few bubbles at the base of my nail near my cuticles. Now all I need to do is a wash my hands of any false nail dust, and apply moisturizer.

Here is another shot of the 'new' nail

... Finally, if possible, place your opened glue in a small zip lock bag. I do this to extend the life of my opened nail glue, and becuase I throw one of these in my purse when I go out; and I DO NOT want nail glue to get on my sunglasses again.....EVER! Or get nail glue on anything else in my purse for that matter.♥


Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

This is a great post. This proves that a well applied falsie doesn't damage the natural nail. Your 'real' nails are pretty! :) Well done!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Very good information.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Liz - Thanks, My real nails are pretty but they are dangerous! I would love to have natural think nails one day.

♥ Kimberly - Thanks, My goal is to share all my information about false nail application.