Saturday, July 10, 2010

♥ Franken 'Spoiled Rotten' ♥

 I wanted to call this 'Black Cinnamon' but I think 'Spoiled Rotten' is better considering I get impatient when a page on the internet does not load in less that 3 seconds! I friggen despise flash ads!!!!!!

Here is a pretty franken I made with those old, ooooooold Bonne Belle body shimmer powders I found at an awesome store in my town for $.50 cents each last summer. I filled up an empty mini bottle with approx 3 ml of Black polish, and added a little clear. I threw in some balls and added approximately 1 teaspoon of the Cinnamon body shimmer. This franken is very granular and textured - however I applied a coat of CLEAR polish over all my frankens before I proceed with top coat, just in case my top coat picks up any of the pigments. I applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat and it smoothed out perfectly. Much smoother than the old skool maybelline 'Bronze Beam' =  that was a granular glitter polish.

This actually applied pretty easily, I layered it over a dark brown polish - Sally Hansen New Lengths in 'Ominous'. I caught my middle nail in between two bi-fold doors and it cracked and lifted from my natural nail..... I hate posting broken nails, but I really wanted to show this franken. I was taking these off shortly, anyway for my next big 'Project Post' on safely removing false nails.

 I picked up Claire's Matte Top Coat..... Its pretty good, I haven't really seen it modeled on blogs. Odly enough, I think matte glitters and heavy duty shimmers are my favirote matte look.

Has anyone else noticed the new FULL SIZE three packs of polish at Icing..... they are very pretty.

The last month or so I have gotten a disproportionate amount of boo-boos on my middle finger, as well as the nail. I promise to never, ever give anyone the middle finger ever again!

 Anyhoo- here is a few photos of my broken middle finger mani, as well as a few photos of the matte top coat from Claire's. I also included an update from my middle nail injury, and an award winning medical diagram of my nail. The Cinnamon body shimmer is the one at the far right, below

Shade with Flash

2 coats of Sally Hansen Ominous

Sunshine.... yes this is very granular, but it is very, very pretty

Left, on my broken nail - 2 coats of Regular Top Coat = Right - 2 coats of Claire's Matte Top Coat
L to R - 1 coat - no Matte, 2 coats of matte T.C.

L to R - 1 coat - no Matte, 2 coats of matte T.C.

I barely ever gave any one the finger in my younger days.... 
so I don't know why I keep getting these in injuries

The black part is where my FREE EDGE used to begin, while the blue line is my nail bed and should be covered with nail..... it is very sensitive still..... The star is close to where the impact point was.

.... and after all that horror; here is a cute photo of my parents cat with her tongue sticking out.

Marbles, below


AggiePigeon said...

Yay for frankens and fun with Matte topcoats! and yay for Marbles, so cute!

Mai said...

Gah I know how you feel about breaks that are super high up on the nail. I got 1 on my right middle and ring finger and they're still healing :(

Would you mind checking out my blog :)?

Biba said...

Ouch! :S

Marbles is such a cutie! :)

Recalcitrant Nails said...

I love your franken and I'm so sorry about that crack in your nail. That looks like its nasty :O

Arrianne said...

I just had a break way down in the nail meat painful.